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  1. Yup, I just checked my Uwindsor too. I have also been waitlisted
  2. Wow I just checked Yorks website and I got admitted into the 2 year BSW program. Sadly will have to decline it and stay with Victoria
  3. This is how it looks like on my page when I click on the "my application status" Tab. Hope this helps you!
  4. Yes this is for the orrilia campus. I did not apply for the thunderbay campus
  5. No they didn't send me an email yet on my lake head account. I viewed it by clicking on application status and it said no have been wait listed on there. I am guessing the emails will be followed shortly.
  6. Hey guys, just got my status for lakehead, it says I have been waitlisted. To be honest, was happy that I did not get accepted because I really wanted to do UVIC online. So I am going to start University of Victoria 2 year BSW in a few weeks! and then hopefully apply to the advances standing MSW
  7. Hey guys just got an email from Laurier that I have been wait listed and that there are 40 people on the wait list
  8. Ya i just checked windsor and laurier, still nothing for me either
  9. Yup same here, I just started work ATM. Can barely focus
  10. did yours change right now? still got nothing on my e-mail :/
  11. was this for the 2 year program?? wow lucky you, im guessing i did not get in. DId your laurier log in thingy change and does it show the offer of admissions?
  12. @riaveda Yea I am in the exact same boat as you. lake head is being so slow and Laurier or Windsor have no specific deadline. So annoying
  13. Ya I saw lakeheada tuition to being around 11k-12k for.the HBSW 1 year. I also applied to lake head, they said they will be sending out results mid April so in the next 2 weeks hopefully.
  14. Ya I also got wait listed for u of t
  15. Hey anyone who applied to laurier, I called the Social work graduate admissions and left them a voicemail in regards when the admission results will be out. I will update you when I get a call back

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