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  1. They confirmed my enrollment there last week! It was the best news ever
  2. Glad to hear that! I got a call last week from the Fulbright scholarship program confirming my enrollment at Yale Jackson. Best phone call EVER! So I guess I'll see you in August @cbx2v !!
  3. Congratulations on your acceptances! And on the Fulbright nomination as well, from which country are you applying? I wanted to apply to Columbia originally, but a friend of mine who got the scholarship two years ago got accepted to Columbia but Fulbright wouldn't enroll him there due to the high tuition and living costs, so I went with Yale instead. So you're right. Yale Jackson is my top choice, however the final decision is not up to me. A placements committee is expected to convene at the end of the month to finalize placement decisions. They do take personal preference into consideration, but the program's total cost (tuition+living expenses) remains the primary factor behind their decision to which school to send me. So if any of my three other schools turns out costing significantly less than Yale, my chances of getting a greenlight to Yale are gonna start to look very slim.
  4. Did the the University or Fulbright inform you of the acceptance? I checked the application status page, there's nothing there yet and I'm starting to think that they only send out emails (no notifications on the status page) which means Fulbright has my result. So I still don't know where I stand.
  5. Thank you Habibi! Mabrouk to you too! Where did you apply other than SAIS bologna?
  6. I'm applying through the Fulbright program. Other schools that I've applied to are: * Yale Jackson - accepted * JHU SAIS - accepted (with prerequisites) * Pitt GSPIA - accepted * DU Korbel - ??? They gave us access to our applications to fill the necessary data, they were supposed to change the log in details. Apparently they didn't. Where else did you apply to?
  7. Just checked again! Accepted to international development DC campus!
  8. Are you guys receiving emails or are the decisions posted on the application status page? I'm applying through a scholarship program so I won't be receiving any direct emails from the university. I tried to access my application status page, there was nothing regarding acceptance/rejection.
  9. Congratulations to everyone who got in! I was also accepted into Yale Jackson, without any funding however most probably because I'm applying through a shcolarship program. Although I did clarify to them that the program will only admit me to the program that costs less. However they did mention in their email that if I'm applying through an external fellowship that I ought to to discuss this issue with the admissions director. Hopefully they can reach some sort of middle-ground "shared-funding" arrangement.
  10. I also got accepted at GSPIA for the MPIA program. I was also accepted to Yale Jackson. Still waiting on SAIS though.
  11. I applied through a scholarship program as well, so I won't be receiving an email from the university too. However, I did access my application status page on the school's website and I didn't find anything regarding acceptance/rejection.
  12. I'm not really that confident in my profile's competitiveness. What pushed me to go for Yale is that in the week prior to my meeting with the advisor, I was having an email exchange with the director of admissions at Jackson. We went over my profile, scores, work experience, future plans, career goals, etc. She seemed very interested in my profile, and said that while she can't confirm that I can get in without consulting the committee that I am the type of candidate they'd love to have in their cohort. She encouraged me to apply because I'm a Fulbright from the middle east, and because they always have trouble attracting students from the region. She pointed out that my 162 quant score along with my BA in finance and my banking experience, are all attractive qualities. So basically that correspondence is what encouraged me to insist on having Yale on the list. I know it doesn't have to mean anything, but it's something at least. So this is why I'm really hesitant about replacing Yale with SAIS. I tried to put both on the list but like I mentioned earlier my advisor didn't approve. However, she did mention in a previous email that she thinks Tufts and Duke to be less prestigious. So I might use that when negotiating a replacement for SAIS in our next meeting sometime next week. If she still doesn't approve I think will just stick to GWU.
  13. its totally different in Lebanon. When the acceptances are in, Fulbright informs you that they decided to send you to University X or Y, and ask you if you wish to accept the scholarship. There is no negotiating at that point. You either take it or leave it. I know a lot of people who were accepted to Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, MIT, etc. But ended up being sent to second tier schools because they were cheaper or because they exempted Fulbright from all or part of the tuition. So at the end of the day, it goes down to how much you're going to cost the program and how many people they can fit within each country's allocated budget.
  14. I know it's very frustrating. And to make it even more frustrating, beyond this point in the application process I no longer have a say in where I go. So when the acceptances start coming in, Fulbright have the final and only say in where I get to enroll. So even if they greenlight my application to SAIS, and I get accepted there, there is a big chance Fulbright will refuse to enroll me there. DC has a high concentration of Fulbright scholars, and JHU is an expensive school. So they will definitely be less inclined to send me there, as compared to Denver or Pitt.
  15. ok so i had a meeting with my adviser from Fulbright HQ to discuss my universities placement choices. i presented her with the following list: 1- Yale Jackson 2- JHU SAIS 3- U of Pittsburgh GSPIA 4- U of Denver Korbel she agreed to choices 3 and 4, but had a problem with 1 and 2. I made a good argument for Jackson, so she agreed to keep Yale on the list. But said that i can't keep JHU and Yale together on the list. She cited issues regarding having more than one "prestigious university", that both schools are expensive, and that my list will not be 'geographically distributed' well enough. She asked me to consider other schools, and specifically named Georgia Tech, Penn State, UW, Syracuse. After an almost an hour of negotiating, she agreed to keep option 2 for a DC school but asked me to consider AU and GWU instead of JHU, and we agreed to pick this up next week. so what do you think guys? any suggestions or advice? i don't have to stick to a DC school, i can still pick something else.
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