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  1. I'm applying to a few schools for Fall 2017 and have a limited amount of people to review my SOP. Could anyone look it over for me? I'd certainly be willing to look over any material you have if you are in a similar position. Comment or PM me and I'll send it to you. Thanks! Zach Zens
  2. I'm interested in studying economic geology for Fall 2017. I have decent grades, GRE scores and letters of recommendation. I also have a strong background in teaching/research and should be published in Economic Geology soon. However, my primary drawback is that the economic geology professor at our school is a brutal grader and even though I was very passionate about the class, I received a C+ in his course. I want to continue my studies in economic geology, but I suspect that this will be a big warning flag to admissions committees Should I address this problem in my letter of interest? How can I best explain this negative grade?
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