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  1. Hi, I graduated back in June with a BS in neuroscience. Even though I loved the science, I hated the research (it's extremely repetitive and prone to random errors; plus I want to work with humans). In recent months I discovered psychology as a possible grad school option. It combines the scientific thinking that I like with the human interaction that I crave. I plan to apply to masters programs in psychology and/or I/O psychology. However, I have several concerns: 1) I only took one psych course (Intro) in undergrad with no psych lab/stats courses (though I took many other lab/stats courses for my major). 2) My work experience profile is probably not a fit for I/O program (in a medical volunteer club for 2 years, tutored mol bio for 2 years, did research at a biochem lab for 3 years, now working as a TA in a research class). I have a strong research background which might give the false impression that I'm more into research than applied psych... 3) Having recently decided to enter psych, my knowledge in the field is limited compared to my peers who spent years researching it. I would really like to enter an I/O program because my eventual goal is to become a consultant. An I/O program can provide me with the business education background/internship/networking that's crucially important for any career in business (something I neglected as a science undergrad). Sure, I can go for a PhD in I/O after getting my MA in general psych, but I'd rather not commit to a research program that takes up 5 years of my life... Other backgrounds: 1) Graduated Magna Cum Laude from a top UC school 2) Highest departmental honors with research thesis 3) GRE- 157VR/167QR/4.5W Should I even try to apply to I/O psych or just focus on general psych? How should I tailor my research background so that I seem fit for psychology? Has anybody been in the same situation and would like to share your opinion? Any input is highly appreciated! Thanks guys!
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