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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1875361996041031/
  2. Dont worry theres movement on the waitlist! put it out the universe and it will eventually happen! and yes, my status did change on acorn.
  3. I just received a call from Angela at UofT and I got off the MSW waitlist! See you folks in September.
  4. how many of your friends got off the wait list last year?
  5. i feel like uoft doesnt reject people and ends up lumping us all into the waitlist giving us false hope tbh.
  6. i just got a letter i got waitlisted too. Anyone accepted to the 2 year msw declining admission?
  7. i guess that they arent doing rounds of admission then
  8. congratulations to all that got in!! out of curiosity, how many accepted to the 2 year msw were waitlisted last year?
  9. i really hope so too... but my last name start with an A so im kind of losing hope right now.
  10. what letters do you last names start with? and congrats of course!!!
  11. congrats! may i ask what letter you last name start with? i wonder if theyre going in alphabetical order
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