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  1. sososocialwork

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    I was waitlisted as well (second year in a row) for U of T. Feeling discouraged but not giving up. I saw some posters asking about doing a 1 year BSW. I'm at waterloo now completing the pre-reqs and was accepted to the post-degree BSW for next fall. If anyone has any questions about it let me know
  2. sososocialwork

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    omg please say this is true! Over the weekend I accepted the fact I probably wasn't getting in this round... I'll keep you guys posted on the mail tomorrow. You guys are probably right, I didn't realize that it might take two business days here in Toronto instead of one. So tomorrow I should have an answer!
  3. sososocialwork

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Thanks for calling and for notifying us. Are you sure she said that all of them will be sent out at the same time (usually they do it in waves every year)? I just checked my mail and I'm in Toronto and I don't have anything from U of T, and I should by today if it was mailed on friday. My ACORN status says nothing so far.
  4. sososocialwork

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    I was wait-listed last year as well and my ACORN doesn't say anything either. Don't lose hope, they might send out another round of acceptances in the coming weeks. From what I remember for the past few years, there are two waves of acceptances and then there's the (slim) chance of getting off the wait list. We didn't make the first wave. So there's another round of acceptances and it's still possible. Maybe @wishingonuoft can clarify?
  5. sososocialwork

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Hey congrats on getting in!!!!!
  6. sososocialwork

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Thanks so much !I found the e-mail and was able to log in. It says nothing so far, but I know they send out rounds of acceptances, so I'm not giving up hope yet.
  7. sososocialwork

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    hey help please! how do you log into ACORN if you're not a U of T student or haven't attended U of T? Is it the same as ROSI? Also, CONGRATS to those who got in to the 2 year MSW!!!!!!
  8. sososocialwork

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Thanks so much! It's at the University of Waterloo, I was notified by e-mail. I didn't apply to Lakehead though.
  9. sososocialwork

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    How's everyone's day going so far? Kinda a relief ROSI is down, means there's absolutely nothing we can do about it and I haven't been checking it obsessively. I was accepted to a one-year post-degree BSW program that's outside of Toronto, so I'm happy that I at least have a back-up plan if I don't get into U of T. Hoping everyone has a great day
  10. sososocialwork

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Yeah no, I'm calling BS on this. Mail in Toronto isn't delivered in the morning. And I live in Toronto, and I didn't get anything in the mail yesterday either, unless they sent out waves of rejections, acceptances, or wait-lists separately. Then it could be possible. My mail comes around noon-1pm. I'll check when I get home this evening. He's probably just trolling us.
  11. sososocialwork

    NEW Canadian universities M.S.W thread (2017)

    Thanks for starting this thread Roxanne. I applied to U of T for next fall and am really hoping to get in. I was wait listed last year sadly. I also applied to U waterloo's 1 year BSW program (then I would just need a 1 year MSW). I already have some graduate school under my belt and would like to get into policy and planning.
  12. wtf? thanks for pointing that out. noted. okay people, I propose we get back to discussing applications and stuff and ignore YEWANG/MSW&MD, clearly they're just a troll (who says they hate clinical social work but they're getting an MD?) for newcomers to this thread, beware of this individual and let's move the discussion on. hope everyone is having a lovely weekend so far. thanks to everyone who spoke out against it so the we can continue to keep this a safe space to talk about our applications. this time of year is very stressful. if you're stressed about acceptance rates, not hearing anything back yet, and the strength of your application, remember that most schools are looking at applications holistically - you have something special to offer the field if you are truly working towards this goal. you may be weak in one area, but you do have strengths in another. as wishingonuoft mentioned earlier, don't lose hope. it might take a few years to get in somewhere, but it's possible <3 only a few weeks left until some of us start hearing back from UofT and other programs
  13. What if a user is constantly trolling a thread? Trying to provoke everyone? What is the policy on this? I think the majority of us here tried to ignore them, as you suggested, for weeks and then a few people got fed up and addressed it again. Then this person complained to you obviously. It's childish tbh. I understand you guys are trying to deal with this issue, but it goes a lot deeper than this person's initial complaint to you about all the negative votes. This community is tired of them constantly posting negative or incorrect information (btw he has been corrected and he still chooses to post things to provoke applicants). I get what you're saying about attacking someone outside of this thread, and what they've done or haven't done irl. That's not necessary, I agree. But clearly 50+ down votes later and they don't get the idea that no one appreciates their comments? Come on...
  14. I hope this applies to everyone who has not followed forum rules and not just individuals in this particular community who spoke out against inappropriate comments? Why are they being punished? This is ridiculous, sorry. The 50+ down votes should indicate that this one person is problematic, yet you choose to ban or restrict those who call them out on their inappropriate comments.
  15. Well said. And yes, some posters who are currently in programs, or who have graduated from them, have been very helpful and supportive in this thread. I'm glad they're around to offer legitimate information. Comments meant to intimidate applicants don't belong here though.

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