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    nikkimx got a reaction from SDOHEpi in University of Washington - Seattle Fall 2017!   
    I super excited to head to Seattle! I spoke with several students in my program who offered advice about places to live in Seattle. Most of them live in the neighborhoods north of the school. One lives near SeaTac in the south, but that area is pretty polluted. Many live outside of Seattle, and all said that living near a main bus line is important because driving and parking is horrible. Some said Bothell, Redmond, Bellevue, and Issaquah, are great places to live. I am moving to Seattle in three weeks because I found a summer school teaching position that starts June 29th. I can't afford most of the apartments listed on Trulia and Zillow, so I started looking at Craigslist. I signed a lease for a duplex I found through Craigslist in Lynnwood (closer to Briar) after Skyping with the landlord for a virtual walk-through. I have an application in with family housing, too, but I am number 28 on the waiting list...
    I just thought I'd share for those of you looking for housing!
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    nikkimx reacted to MadScience in Car/Auto Transport Recommendations?   
    You can try Uship.com - my Uncle has used them to ship a car with no problems. It's basically a site where thousands of movers bid on different shipments listed by different people. The shipping companies will bid on your shipment and keep bidding lower until the time runs out.
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    nikkimx reacted to waderpanda in University of Washington - Seattle Fall 2017!   
    Hi all!
    I'm heading in for a PhD. I'll be moving there in late August/early September. I started looking for apartments but it looks like most places listed right now will be gone by the time I plan to move. Though I've been talking to another incoming student about rooming together, we're still keeping out options open because we'll be moving in at different times so I'm also potentially looking for a roommate. Super excited either way!
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    nikkimx reacted to haeyeunx in University of Washington Seattle 2017   
    Congrats to the both of you!!
    I will also be starting the Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Human Development program this fall. I visited a couple of different schools and met with prospective advisors before applying. I feel in love with the culture at UW's College of Education. I'm thrilled to start! Getting a community group started sounds like a great idea. Later around August/September, it would be nice for us to set-up a lunch/dinner in Seattle. 
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    nikkimx reacted to ywkim in University of Washington Seattle 2017   
    Hi! Congrats on your admission!!
    I am also going to start my Ph.D. in Educational Psychology focusing on Learning Science and Human Development at the University of Washington. I am happy to see you here!!
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    nikkimx reacted to day_manderly in Why Grad School is Fucking Awesome   
    So I have been reading different posts about grad school - way to feed anxiety! I worry about relocating, I worry about archery clubs near the place where I'm going to live (what if there are none?), about free time (what if I forget what it is?), etc, etc. And on top of that you get posts like this one when you try to calm yourself where the author tells you there no fun will be had in the next 3+ years. None. Still, I do believe that grad school is great. However, I have no personal empirical proof. So, dear grad students, please, do share all the reasons why you think grad school is fucking awesome. Why do you find it fantastic? What do you love the most? Why would you never trade it for anything else? Thanks. We, new grad students, will be grateful for our anxiety being replaced with excitement!
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    nikkimx reacted to fuzzylogician in Registering for classes   
    In preparation, you could also try to see if there is information on the program webpage (description of course requirements, or of a typical first year. But yes, this is what you have an advisor for.)
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    nikkimx reacted to perpetuavix in Seattle, WA   
    Seattle is generally a pretty safe place. It has more property crime than most cities, but it has less violent crime. University District, the neighborhood around campus, has more crime than some areas, but Blakely Village and Laurel Village are away from the worst parts of UDistrict, so I'd imagine it's plenty safe. You can look at Seattle PD's data for a more complete picture here: https://www.seattle.gov/police/information-and-data/online-crime-maps
    Summer is a good time to find an apartment; summer is always a popular time to move in a city, and it's before most students are back. As you get closer to September, the rental market is a little more competitive, but it's still pretty easy to find a place to live in Seattle. You'll generally find a lot of apartments that are available at the beginning of June, July, August, and September, and a few that are available in the middle of the month. You can look at apartments now to see prices and what will generally be available when you're looking in the summer, but you shouldn't expect to see something now that will still be available in a few months. You can reasonably start looking at apartments two weeks--a month at the most--before you expect to move.
    The poster above gave you a good list of neighborhoods. Just make sure you check google maps to see how long your commute will be. A transit pass is included in your tuition, so most people take the bus or ride a bike to get to campus. Parking on campus is insanely expensive, so don't plan to drive to campus unless you want to spend $1200 on parking over the year.
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    nikkimx got a reaction from ywkim in University of Washington Seattle 2017   
    Hello! I'm heading to UW in Seattle this fall, and I'm just creating this space for anyone else who is going to post. That way we can all have some sort of community going in, ask relevant questions about the transition to our new programs or Seattle, etc. 
    I am headed into the Ph.D. program in Educational Psychology focusing on Learning Science and Human Development. Please share with us what program you're going into. Congrats! ?
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    nikkimx reacted to waterrevolution in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    @nikkimx You need to decide what's right for you. If you want to do research, go for it. If your heart's not fully in teaching, you're only doing a disservice to your students if you stay without your full commitment to the profession.
    Don't let anyone guilt trip you, if you know in your heart of hearts that you're doing what you truly want to do. You only live once.
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    nikkimx reacted to jesstothefuture in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    @nikkimx I know what you mean about feeling bad for the students you're close to. I quit my teaching job last year *without* even the "excuse" of a fantastic opportunity, and some of my students were really disappointed. But they didn't want to stay at the school forever, either, so they understood that I wanted to find new ways to learn and grow. (It definitely helped that most of my kids were high schoolers & ready to be on to the next thing!)
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    nikkimx reacted to travelgirl125 in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    Good for you!!  You will be much happier.  There are definitely times when I miss my students/teaching, but then I remember I don't have to get up at 5:30am, deal with discipline issues, grade hundreds of exams, etc., and I feel much better
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    nikkimx reacted to travelgirl125 in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    I told my supervisor first, went to teach a few classes, and then my principal asked to meet with me.  I walked into the meeting intending to tell him, but my supervisor had beat me to it!  That meeting went even quicker than the one with my supervisor.  I sensed he was a little more upset, though, but was very gracious and wished me luck  
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    nikkimx reacted to bluesea1981 in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    @nikkimx Don't feel guilty about leaving your teaching job, if college is really what you want to teach. You ultimately have to follow your passion. I understand how difficult it can be emotionally, but, honestly, you have to do it. 
    The only advice that I can give you is to be honest, but also grateful, to your principal and your department head. Believe me - principals and department heads understand that not all teachers can stay forever. If you've stuck it out for so long and helped multiple students to make monumental gains in academic achievement, you should be proud. There's a time of service, but there's also a time to leave. You ultimately have to do what's right for you. No matter what advice anyone gives you, I know you'll ultimately say what you want to say. I would strongly recommend you think of what you're most grateful to admin for and why you're leaving (in a way that doesn't trash talk your school, much in the same way that you'd discuss it in an interview). 
    Feel free to PM me, if you wanna bounce around any ideas. I'm more than happy to help.
    On a side note, congrats on getting into those PhD programs!
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    nikkimx reacted to snuz in Fall 2017 Education Acceptances/Interviews/Rejections   
    Me too. It's nice to know I'm not alone.
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    nikkimx reacted to Emarouk in University of Washington - Seattle Fall 2017!   
    Hi Nikki,
    I currently live in family housing if you have any questions about the set-up there. And congrats!
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    nikkimx reacted to Emarouk in University of Washington - Seattle Fall 2017!   
    Hi! I started at Blakeley and moved to LV--partially because my little one went to the school there and partially because I met a couple other single mamas who were living there with daughters the same age as mine--we've really become a great support for one another! Family housing has been awesome. It is so affordable compared to housing in the city and it's great for our littles to have so many kids around. I didn't honestly meet a lot of folks in Blakeley, but I think it was also a matter of time.... And I'm not religious and a lot of my closest neighbors were and maybe weren't so fond of a single mama....but that's a whole other story. I absolutely love LV and my neighbors here, but I bet there's great community at B that I just didn't know how to tap.... If you want a tour guide when you arrive, let me know. My daughter is 5 and LOVES to show folks around the area.
    I'm currently doing a  concurrent MSW/MPA and a grad certificate in GH. I finish in June, but I applied to the PhD program here so we shall see....results will be out by Friday! 
    We aren't downtown at all! Family housing is just outside of the UDistrict--it's a nice neighborhood and we feel completely safe. I think Seattle is safe in general--we have a blast exploring. 
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    nikkimx reacted to Espeon in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    I'm going to meet with my principal as soon as I am pretty certain about which program I'll attend and have documentation of my admission. I'm just going to set up a brief meeting with him, and then I'll meet with my assistant principal and department chair after I meet with him. 
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    nikkimx got a reaction from hopefulPhD2017 in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    I'm really nervous to tell them, but I think I need to tell them soon because they are already asking to send me to paid training in Atlanta this summer (and we live in CA!). I am really sad to leave, but I want to make more of an impact than I am currently and there are also a few other reasons why it's not working out for me, or it won't at least in the long term.
    How did you tell you principals? What did you say to them? Did you ask for a meeting?
    Thanks everyone for your help!
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    nikkimx reacted to istanbulnotconstantinople in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    When to tell schools she tricky, but I would generally say as early as possible to give them the chance to search for a good replacement. With the students I tend to tell them later on but apply the rule of never lying, so if they directly ask me if I'm leaving I say yes and why.
    for my current job they ask us in November if we're renewing our contracts and sign them in January, so just by applying for a PhD I knew I couldn't stay on and had made the decision to leave. This has helped make the process easier and means I can talk to my colleagues openly about the process.
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    nikkimx reacted to travelgirl125 in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    I was in pretty much the exact same situation!  A couple of things that helped me...
    1) The school I was in didn't do a real good job of providing teachers with reasons to stay.  There was a large turnover rate not only in my department but in the whole school.  You can't help it if the school you're at isn't doing a good job at making you want to stay (not saying that this is the case for you, but it helped me).
    2) I absolutely LOVED my kids, but I knew they would be fine without me.  Honestly, and this may again not be the case for you, but I knew that my students would "get over" me fairly quickly.  They're just kids, after all, and though I had a good relationship with mine, they ultimately are quick to move on to the next exciting thing.  Also, if you want to work with students at the college level, you can look forward to developing relationships with them and improving their lives, just in a different setting.
    3) Because you know your students will be successful even with a different teacher, you should be comfortable in making yourself your #1 priority.  This is your life, your career, and it's your time and effort that you will be dedicating.  Would you be able to live the rest of your life as a K-12 teacher and feel content?  It seems like the answer is no, which is perfectly fine!  You're allowed to be selfish.
    4) I was REALLY nervous to tell my supervisor and everyone else, but it wasn't nearly as big of a deal as I expected.  Honestly, my supervisor seemed really indifferent to me leaving and was anxious for me to submit an official resignation letter so he could start to look for a replacement.  They want their lives/jobs to be easy, too, so don't be too upset if they get over losing you quickly.
    Again, this was purely from my experience and may not be the same as yours, but I thought it might be helpful to share   And congratulations on your acceptances so far!
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    nikkimx reacted to hopefulPhD2017 in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    @nikkimx Great thread. I think it's in the blood of teachers to feel responsible and guilty, which is why we are able to connect suggest students against all odds and mandates; teaching is truly a labor of love. 
    Lots of amazing things have been said already. To add to all of it, I think one of our biggest hurdles in education reform is stagnant thinking. How many other professions have workers who stay in the same cubicle for  35 years? In the exact same role for 30? Very few.
    If we had more movement--if we had a system that, say, encouraged teachers to go to graduate school or work in business, and then return new ideas to our field--we'd be further down the path towards a system that prepares children for jobs of the future, instead of an assembly line model of education that prepares kids for compliant factory jobs which are, largely, gone. Ours is also a system in which innovation and creativity are quickly squashed, and hence those of us who think big, or outside the box, have trouble finding an intellectual home. At least I have. 
    I have been pretty transparent about my PhD application process from the get go--my administrator helped me by writing a letter, and I've kept my leaders updated on my acceptances, as well as dates for visit weekends. I have not told my students yet as I want to make a final decision before making any formal announcements.
    I feel your guilt, but I also think our system needs shaken up, and that we can (hopefully?!?) have more of an impact from outside the system. 
    My biggest concern is actually becoming a disengaged academic, whose research is only appreciated by other AERA attendees, but never creates change at the K-12 level. @Espeon love your idea of keeping in touch with students. 
    As we get closer to April 15, would love to hear how others share the news to kids and parents. 
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    nikkimx reacted to Espeon in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    I am in the exact same position as well. Like most of us, I adore my kids and would do anything for them, but I'm itching to do research and have a broader impact. I teach at the same low-income and underperforming high school I attended, though, so I am hoping my matriculation to a really good PhD program will inspire my kids to reach for their goals, as well. I am also going to give them my contact information so they can keep in touch and let me know if they need any encouragement. 
    I'm probably going to print out my admission letter to the program I'll choose to attend and say something like, "It has been an absolute honor to begin my career in education at this school. I want to continue to do great work in education, and the right path for me to do that is to take the next step into a PhD program. Unfortunately, it breaks my heart not to renew my contract this year, but I am going to do everything I can to ease my transition out of here and to do right by my students." Something like that. 
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    nikkimx reacted to istanbulnotconstantinople in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    In my experience as a teacher you always feel guilt when leaving your students, whatever the reason is (new job/career/maternity leave - you name it). You simply have to come to terms with this fact and accept it. I think that the same is true of any profession where you feel you are aiding people and responsible for improving their lives (social workers / doctors for instance), but truthfully the guilt you feel is a marker of the respect and love you have for job, colleagues, students, so actually not feeling guilty would be a more worrying sign.
    My advice is to make the most of the time you do have left - as I am sure you will. I have seen some teachers mentally check out on students and I think this is the most unfair thing, I intend to 'go out with a bang', as they say, and make sure I do my utmost in the last few months for the students. This helped somewhat in my last school with the guilt aspect and I also requested an exit interview with the head teacher so that I could ensure I passed on what I believed were the good/bad practices in place and concerns I thought he may be in a position to remedy (or at least should be aware of) that way I left knowing I had done everything I could for the kids.
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    nikkimx reacted to higheredbee in Guilt about quitting my teaching job   
    @nikkimx hello! I'm in a related situation, and while I haven't figured out how or when exactly to tell my department that I'm leaving, the best way to alleviate the guilt is to do my best with transitioning/passing on knowledge to whoever would come after me. I had absolutely no information, manual, or records to look through when I started my current position...so I aim to have good records and a manual of sorts to help out whoever they hire for my position next. 
    Congrats on your acceptances! Hopefully your workplace will be supportive, but even if they are less than supportive, you can still be really proud of your accomplishments. You sound like you're going into your PhD program thoughtfully and will make a great impact on your future students! And who knows, maybe some of your current students will end up going to wherever you end up teaching later on  
    i would also greatly appreciate insight in this issue, so if anyone has actually gone through "breaking the news" please share!
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