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  1. Oh my gosh, I totally missed your responses! I'm excited to see other people also heading into the same or similar programs at UW! I would love to meet up with you guys! I am moving on June 15th because I found a summer teaching job in Seattle. I found a cute duplex in Lynnwood for reasonable rent, so I'm moving there from CA super soon! Where are you all moving from? Do you have Facebook? I'll start a cohort group on Facebook or an email list for Ed Psych new admits if you PM me your details!
  2. I super excited to head to Seattle! I spoke with several students in my program who offered advice about places to live in Seattle. Most of them live in the neighborhoods north of the school. One lives near SeaTac in the south, but that area is pretty polluted. Many live outside of Seattle, and all said that living near a main bus line is important because driving and parking is horrible. Some said Bothell, Redmond, Bellevue, and Issaquah, are great places to live. I am moving to Seattle in three weeks because I found a summer school teaching position that starts June 29th. I can't afford most
  3. Hello! I am a first year entering a PhD program in Learning Sciences and Human Development. I am supposed to register for classes on the 5th, and I don't know what to take. Is this something I should discuss with my adviser? Thanks!
  4. nikkimx

    Seattle, WA

    Thank you so much for the help!
  5. Hi, again! My principal is guilting me hard core, and it's now making me question my goals. He's hinting at leadership opportunities, offering to give me an extra stipend, and telling me stories of students who say I'm the best English teacher they have had. My best friend also works at the school and is supportive, but I feel bad leaving her to the politics in our department when her and I could really make a difference together. My husband is bringing me back to my vision of affecting a broader audience than just the students at my small school in the small town I live in and doi
  6. Thank you so much for the support! I'm sorry you're going through that, and I totally get it. My principal told a parent, so my students are going to find out soon. I feel awful for the students who hang out in my room everyday that I really care about and the ones who look forward to my class in the future!
  7. Thanks, everyone! I told my department yesterday during our collaboration meeting, and my principal (as he often does) was outside the door listening to our conversation. So, he came to me after school to talk about it. He took it really personally at first (What did we do wrong? Did I not give enough to support?) and tried to convince me to stay, but after I told him about research and how I'd like to have conversations in greater depth with my students at the college level, he said, "Well, I guess you have to do what is best for you and your family." It was awkward and didn't help my guiltin
  8. Hello! I'm heading to UW in Seattle this fall, and I'm just creating this space for anyone else who is going to post. That way we can all have some sort of community going in, ask relevant questions about the transition to our new programs or Seattle, etc. I am headed into the Ph.D. program in Educational Psychology focusing on Learning Science and Human Development. Please share with us what program you're going into. Congrats! ?
  9. I was accepted into the Ed Psych program at University of Washington. I haven't heard anything about funding, yet, either.
  10. Wow, it sounds great there! I'd love a tour once we get there! Please let me know if you get in. Good luck with it! Thank you SO much for the information! It makes me super excited to head to UW and (hopefully) live in family housing!
  11. Emarouk, thank you so much! What program are you studying? I have a lot of questions about hosing! I turned in my application and supporting documents today, so I guess I am just waiting now. How many months did you have to wait? Which complex are you living in? I put Laurel as my first preference and Blakely as my second. Is one better than the other? Laurel seemed better to me because it's closer to good bird watching spots, the farm, and a garden that I'm interested in. Is it safe living in the area? I worry that the downtown area will be crazy hectic. Do the kids all pl
  12. nikkimx

    Seattle, WA

    I should add that I'm applying for housing in Laurel Village and Blakely Village. I much prefer Laurel Village. I can't imagine paying any more than $1000 for rent with my stipend and also needing to take care of my kids, so it's obviously an affordable option. But, is it safe?
  13. Woo hoo! Congrats! They didn't say anything about funding in my letter either. I spoke with my adviser late last year, and she said there isn't much on the way of funding normally. I am going to enroll anyway because I have outside funding for tuition, fees, and a small stipend, but I still will need to work to make ends meet. I am hoping to get a GR or TA position or supplement my income through subbing a day or two per week for Seattle Public Schools. Are you planning to accept the offer?
  14. This topic is for those headed to UW Seattle in summer and fall 2017! Yay! In your first post, please introduce yourself. I'll start: My name is Nikki, and I accepted an offer for the Ph.D. in Educational Psychology focusing on human development and learning sciences. I am moving to Seattle with my husband and two kids (4 and almost 2) sometime in the summer from CA. We hope to secure graduate family housing asap!
  15. Thanks! You applied for a different program from UW, so I wouldn't worry, yet. Good lick!
  16. I also applied to Cambridge and experienced something similar. A day or so after my status changed to approved by BOGS, I received my acceptance email. It sounds to me like you'll be offered admission.
  17. I also recommend accepting a program with funding or at least guaranteed TA or GSRA positions. They often pay about $2000 per month, which helps. I have a scholarship for $39,000 per year, but my total cost of attendance for one school year is estimated to be $48,000. I also have kids to support while I study, so I am looking at working as a TA, GSRA, or as a sub in the local K-12 district (I'm a licensed teacher). Money will be tight, but we'll get by. Without that scholarship, I wouldn't be able to do this at all.
  18. I'm really nervous to tell them, but I think I need to tell them soon because they are already asking to send me to paid training in Atlanta this summer (and we live in CA!). I am really sad to leave, but I want to make more of an impact than I am currently and there are also a few other reasons why it's not working out for me, or it won't at least in the long term. How did you tell you principals? What did you say to them? Did you ask for a meeting? Thanks everyone for your help!
  19. Hey, everyone! Thanks for your words; it's nice to know that my guilty feelings are at least normal. I am feeling jaded with teaching at this level already, and I'm itching to make a bigger impact. Grad school is calling me! I'll think more about what to say to my principal. When are you all going to bring it up to them?
  20. nikkimx

    Seattle, WA

    Has anyone here lived in graduate student housing at UW? I am looking for information about safe and affordable places to live with my husband and young children while I complete my Ph.D
  21. I am a full time teacher at a small charter school, but I am too much of an out-of-the-box thinker to be completely happy teaching at the K-12 level. I want to do research and teach college. I feel super guilty, though, because my school has had a terrible turn over rate for English teachers, and I really care about my students. I have already been accepted to 2 of the 3 graduate programs I applied to, though, and I'm going. Is anyone else in a similar position? How are you breaking the news to your principal and department head?
  22. Hi, Boscojoba! It's good to see other people also applying to UW! Good luck!
  23. Thanks for the update! I hope my POI contacts me directly before the letters go out. I spoke with her back in fall, but haven't heard from her since then. Eek!
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