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  1. Don't get so wrapped up in school name recognition. It's really all about the best fit (how the professors in the program match your specific research interests, and other personal factors). I kept telling everyone and was trying to convince myself that Berkeley was my top choice when I started my applications, and in the end, I didn't even apply to Berkeley because the research fit was quite poor. After that, I kept telling everyone and was trying to convince myself that Stanford was my top choice after I got my interview offers, but once again, the research fit was less than stellar (but I kept saying that it was my top choice during and after the interview). I wasn't accepted after the interview, which was actually a good thing. If Berkeley and Stanford were replaced by two lesser-known schools, but everything else about the programs/professors were kept the same, I wouldn't even have considered applying to them.
  2. That's really dumb. GRE scores shouldn't matter at all by this stage. Actually, that test is a scam and should be thrown out altogether.
  3. I think UCSF/Stanford can split costs, not sure about Berkeley. They just sent me an e-mail regarding logistics (I'm in CSB). The last day of events is on Sat, March 4. At least for my home program, there are faculty talks from 10am-2pm, after which there are shuttles to the airport until 7pm.
  4. I received an invite from them a week before Christmas. Note that I submitted my application a day before it was due.
  5. For anyone with Stanford interviews, have you gotten an e-mail regarding visit logistics?
  6. Stanford biosciences? Particularly CSB.
  7. Switching fields isn't uncommon, so you should be fine. There's an old saying that it's easier to teach a synthetic chemist biology, than to teach a biologist synthetic chemistry.
  8. I just got an interview offer from them today, which was really surprising. I wasn't expecting any news until January, especially since I submitted my app a day before it was due. Regardless, I think they have yet to send out the vast majority of interview offers. Hope you get an invite!
  9. Scripps is starting to send out interview offers - just got an email from them today!
  10. Just received an interview offer for Stanford Biosciences/CSB!
  11. Northwestern IBiS is sending out interview invites.
  12. Same here - very excited! Hope to see you there! Though on the calendar to select interview dates, it doesn't seem like any days are highlighted.
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