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  1. I want to get my MBA in Finance in a seveal years and wanted to get some feedback. I just graduated this month with a BA in Economics from a non target state school with a low GPA (~2.3) due to a illness in the family taking most of my attention during the first half of college but my last 3 semesters had an average GPA of a 3.59. I am about to start working at a F500 Financial services company while studying to take the CFA. Since the company offers 90% tuition assistance I was thinking of getting a Master's in something like Econ or statistics to show I can handle the workload of business school (after I pass all 3 levels of the CFA). If I do very well in the Master's program and get over 700 on the GMAT would this help to offset my low undergrad GPA? If so do you think I would have a chance at getting into a top 30 program? Thinking NYU, Columbia, Wharton, Cornell, etc for MBA.
  2. I just graduated with a BA in economics from a small state school with a 2.2gpa. I realize this is very low but I still want to get my MBA in finance in a few years after getting some professional experience. My ideal school would be NYU but I know that is a stretch with my grades. I'm currently in the process of obtaining my CFA certification to supplement my resume. If my job pays for it does it makes sense to get a masters in economics/masters in finance first and obtain stellar grades to help me get into a good MBA program?
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