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  1. I have only received info on my travel arrangements and hotel. Im visiting the 26-28th.
  2. Lurker here, figured my info might help! Undergrad Institution: UW - Madison (Still attending)Major(s): Evolutionary BiologyGPA in Major: 3.9Overall GPA: 3.85Type of Student: domesticGRE Scores:Q: 161V: 158W: 3.5Research Experience: - UW - Madison - Spent the past two years (2015 -present) researching Yeast evolution, ecology, and biodiversity. Have a first author paper in preparation and another project nearing completion. Awards/Honors/Recognitions: - Two undergraduate fellowships - (6x) Dean's List - Travel award for large conference Pertinent Activities or Jobs: - employed throughout my undergraduate career Special Bonus Points: - Isolated/Discovered and Described three new species of yeastApplying to Where: - UW - Madison Genetics (Invited for Interview) - UW - Madison MDTP (Invited for interview) - Vanderbilt DBS (invited for interview) - NYU - Sackler Institute (invited for interview) - UW - Seattle Genome Sciences (Rejected) - Stanford Bioscience - Genetics (Waiting...) - UC Berkeley MCB (Waiting..) - Michigan Ann Arbor EEB (Waiting...)
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