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  1. EALC 2018

    @NaitoBaron Looks like a good compilation—especially for those interested in contemporary affairs. I'll definitely have to check out the essays by Dr. Xiaofei Tian and Dr. Stephen Owen, as I'm quite interested in their work. Dr. Tian is actually releasing her book, The Halberd at Red Cliff Jian'an and the Three Kingdoms on April 02 ( I'm quite excited to learn more about the Three Kingdoms. She claims of the Jian'an and the Three Kingdoms, "Its writings laid the foundation of classical poetry and literary criticism." It's a must read for those interested in Classical Chinese lit. Right now I'm reading a compilation of essays by Paul K. Kroll entitled Reading Medieval Chinese Poetry'm just finishing up his essay on a lesser known compilation of Tang Dynasty poets written by 殷璠 titled 河嶽英靈集. The essay is a nice acknowledgement of many poets that were not included in the 唐詩三百首. The compilation has articles written by some eminent scholars of pre-modern lit. (Ding Xiang Werner, Stephen Owen, Paul Kroll, and Ronald Egan). Survey: what's everyone reading? Also, whom do you folks deem as the top publishers of EALC scholarship? I'm presuming Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Stanford, etc... Any others? How is Brill?
  2. EALC 2018

    Welcome, @Riby! I will probably end up studying Japanese as a Chinese MA student (due to the abundance of scholarship on Chinese done in Japanese), but I secretly want to study Korean...
  3. EALC 2018

    Yes!! Congrats, Naito!!
  4. EALC 2018

    "but PhD is a "vocational" training, with many "petty rivalries, intellectual dead-ends, disillusions and disappointments, self-doubt and self-reproach", so the admission committee is more likely to admit someone who they think is well-prepared for the storms ahead." @NaitoBaron I can't tell you how many professors have admonished me about the dismal state of the academic job market (especially in the humanities!) It's almost like they're trying to dissuade me from going into this field. Several professors at different universities expressed similar pessimism and cynicism surrounding the path to a PhD. The other week, I sat down for a lunch with a few friends in Boston who are STEM graduate students visiting from the West (we even ate 小笼包和麻婆豆腐) and had quite a productive conversation on the matter. I figured out the only logical path for me right now is getting a PhD. I understand the job market is abysmal, but I'm not completing a PhD in Humanities to get a job--I'm continuing my studies in EALC because it's something that I love to do and it uniquely informs my creative process as a poet. I'm aspiring to complete a PhD because it was one of the only avenues that allows me to spend a bulk of my time reading and writing and sharing my enthusiasm for literature through teaching. And coming from a low-income family, I really have nothing to lose. I understand this a romantic ideal, and I'm neglecting to acknowledge the chance that I might not cut it in a scene filled with "petty rivalries, intellectual dead-ends, disillusions and disappointments, self-doubt and self-reproach," but I've already dealt with a lot of that stuff and any person (whether your an academic or a laborer) goes through these kinds of hardships. Furthermore, there are plenty of other job opportunities for EALC grads right now. One is not condemned to the academic job market. Just graduating with a BA in Chinese, I have found plentiful opportunities to use my language skills in education consulting and tutoring for Chinese nationals, and I'm sure these could be lucrative endeavors in the future. I guess these professors are trying to dissuade people who are on the fence about heading into graduate school, but for someone like me, it's the only career move that makes any sense. I think I have an adequate response next time someone cautions me in this vein
  5. EALC 2018

    Congratulations on all the interviews, folks! 加油!
  6. Visiting School- What to Wear?

    @GreenEyedTrombonist Hey, I live in MA and wanted to give you a heads up on the weather. It has been very warm the past two days (in the fifties!) and a lot of rain has fallen; consequently, most of the snow has melted away. With this being said, we could have more snow by the end of the month, so just keep an eye on the weather. Good luck with your meeting!
  7. EALC 2018

    That would be quite a startling question, @lordtiandao. Hopefully some of your research interests still align with their program! @NaitoBaron It's great that you are in communication with UPenn. It seems like a lot of the programs are interested in you; I have a feeling you will receive an amazing offer! Your interests sound great, @kotatsumuri! I took a classical Chinese course in Daoist and Buddhist literature my last year as an undergraduate and found it to be fascinating! I'm also looking forward to beginning my studies of Japanese when I start grad school. And Yellowstone/Tetons are on my bucket list of places to hike; hopefully I'll make it out there within the next few years! As for me, I haven't heard anything from anyone else yet. I still have seven other MA programs I applied to and am awaiting their replies. If anyone hears anything from Berkeley or Harvard, let me know! P.S. Quite glad to have such a productive EALC thread on gradcafe this year. It has helped me out tremendously through commiseration and advice. Hope to actually meet some of you folks in the future!
  8. Boulder, CO

    Figured I would post for students attending school in Boulder for Fall '18. I was accepted to CU Boulder. I was offered a position as a TA and a small fellowship. I believe I should have around 15k per year. Anyone else in a similar position? Going to make a trip out to Boulder within the next month or two.
  9. EALC 2018

    Thanks everyone! @NaitoBaron CU Boulder does seem to have a great record of placing their students in top PhD programs. Plus, as an avid outdoorsman, I've always romanticized moving out West, and Boulder is the bonafide nexus for outdoor enthusiasts in the contiguous US. Seems like a real good choice for me, and I feel so lucky to have received admission so early in the process. @kochan I'm sure the Japanese adcom at CU Boulder has a different timeline than that of the Chinese counterpart. Hoping you receive some good news soon! @SUMMER715 Congrats on the interview with Chicago! What will you be studying there? I met an absolutely amazing PhD student of Korean studies (she is an incredible poet as well) at a conference this past Fall. I'll definitely be looking into their PhD program when it comes time for me to apply. @kotatsumuri Forgive me for not looking back through the pages, but how many programs are you applying to, again? You're going for Japanese literature (not sure which period), correct? Wishing you the best of luck!
  10. EALC 2018

    Hey Folks, Quick update on CU Boulder: I was accepted with a teaching assistantship and a fellowship. Quite pleased with this offer, as it will allow me to attain a Master's degree debt free. The department is also filled with scholars interested in Chinese literature; seems like a pretty great place to do an MA! Looking forward to hearing back from other schools, but will probably go with Boulder because of the financial incentive. How is everyone else doing? Any word from other schools?
  11. EALC 2018

    @NaitoBaron Looks like an interesting read--I'll have to add it to my list! Can't wait to delve more into the Tang. "同是天涯沦落人,相逢何必曾相识!" - 白居易
  12. EALC 2018

    @kochan I didn't have much contact with CU Boulder prior to submitting my application. I received an email claiming that the department was impressed with my application. The interview seemed more like they were trying to attract me to the department (they weren't grilling me at all), so I'm presuming I'll get in there (fingers crossed). She claimed I should hear from them anytime now. I wouldn't worry too much if you already had contact with a POI. Maybe they'll just send you an acceptance. I traveled and talked to around 5/6 professors. I emailed around 12 but several of them didn't get back to me. I also talked with graduate students and assistant professors; these people proved to be very useful. @NaitoBaron Each seems to have its advantages. The most important issue seems to be your rapport with the POI/department. Working with a tenure-track assistant professor could prove more useful to your career, as they will be around longer before retirement, but working with a distinguished professor provides you with a breadth of experience to draw advice from. Each seems to have its pros and cons. @lordtiandao Congrats on hearing back from Princeton! I heard Anna Shields is pretty great! Keep us posted.
  13. EALC 2018

    Nice job, Naito! Anything else from Stanford? Has anyone heard anything from UC Berkeley?
  14. EALC 2018

    @lordtiandao That's what I came to the conclusion of. Seems most programs have separate deadlines for the FLAS—UC Berkeley's admissions committee even seems to select students for application to the FLAS. @NaitoBaron I noticed Stanford had two separate programs. I'm pretty sure I applied to CEAS as well. I, too, am applying to just Master's programs.
  15. EALC 2018

    Hi Folks, Hope everyone's applications are going well! I have turned in 7 thus far. I still have three more to go, but they're all due in Jan./Feb. @NaitoBaron Good to see you join the discussion! I'm interested in the warring states as well—although I'm focusing more on Six Dynasties and Tang/Song Dynasties. Glad to see another Chinese medievalist! On the subject of Stanford: I applied there as well and indicated that I was submitting an application for the FLAS, but I received no email from them. I, like @lordtiandao, was under the assumption that you didn't have to apply to the FLAS and actually submit their essay for a little while; however, I remember that someone said the deadline was in early January, so I'm going to check again to see what the deal is. On another note, anyone applying to CU Boulder? I just received a nice email from them and have an interview next Thursday! Anyone have a similar experience? I wasn't expecting anything so soon...