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  1. Hi, has anybody else tried to negotiate funding from Fletcher successfully?
  2. Hi @dollybird , thank you for the recommendation. I will look into it!
  3. Dear All, I am an international student who has never studied in the US education system before. I had earlier asked about directory of MPA/MIA programs and the community here was really very helpful in sharing very useful resources. Thank you very much for that. I had one more question. I am quite interested in seeking help from an admissions consultant who can help me guide through the application process of applying for MPA and MPA type of programs in the US. Hopefully they can also help with selecting schools which would be a good fit based on my background and future goals. And also
  4. That's a lot of good advice @PolicyStud. Thank you very much, I will start looking into each of these programs. My handicap would be that I have taken GMAT and not GRE so I might have to rule out those schools that won't accept GMAT.
  5. Hi @dollybird, thanks so much that link, it's wonderful! Looks like you put in a lot of research into your program, that's great, congratulations. I wish I could do the same but I have a demanding full time job so I try to sneak in an hour or so during the week and more time during the weekend. I really want to get into a good MPA / MPA type of program so I can live my dream of working for one of the prestigious multi laterals. I am thinking of applying to 7-8 programs and hope to get into atleast 1 of them. At the current stage I am trying to understand the different programs so that I can sh
  6. Hello @hj2012 , thank you for the links. They are quite useful. Actually, I did try to search on google but got really confused because of several conflicting information. Hence, I came to this forum to ask more knowledgeable and experienced people. Thanks again!
  7. Hello fantastic community! I am an international student, trying to find out what are the top 10-top 30 MPA / MIA programs in the US. I am aware of the very well known ones such as Harvard's Kennedy School & recently I came to know about Woodrow Wilson School and Chicago Harris, as well as Tufts' Fletcher School and Columbia's SIPA. But to be frank I think I may not be competitive for such top schools, so I want to know what other schools are there. If any kind soul can point me to a ranking or a list of such schools, that would be greatly appreciated. My post graduation goal is
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