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  1. KAUST Admissions Fall 2017

    Hello everyone. I am applying to the EE MSc program at KAUST Fall 2017. I have gone through a technical interview, a personal interview and an administrative interview. I am currently waiting for the results of the administrative interview. It has been 4 weeks with no answer. Anyone willing to share their experience with KAUST application?
  2. kaust fall 2017 PhD mechanical

    You should do so, so that they can get your application process going, otherwise it is likely you won't go through.
  3. kaust fall 2017 PhD mechanical

    Have you contacted a professor you are interested in working with?
  4. KAUST Fall 2017 Application

    I am applying to KAUST's electrical engineering master's program. I had my technical interview through Skype. I want to share what it was like to help out anyone wishing to apply to KAUST. You will be contacted for the technical interview via email. The email will include a list of topics to study and resources (books and links to material). The four main topics are: calculus, signals and systems, linear algebra, and probability. During the interview, the interviewer will send you pdf documents wth questions pertaining to each topic in them. For some topics, you will be asked to explain how you would solve the given problems to the interviewer, without actually solving them. For other topics, you will be given 15 minutes to solve the given questions after which you tell your answers to the interviewer. You may be asked additional related questions. The interviewer is trying to test the extent of your understanding. In my case, the calculus and signals and systems were discussion type questions whereas the other two topics were done in the 15-minute answer and tell format. Overall, it wasn't hard, but you should study well enough to be able to solve simple problems related to basic concepts. I wish everyone all the best