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  1. Hi guys, I want to hear your opinions. I am right now a master student at UCLA, I have been working on my research in optics for nearly a year and will possibly transfer to PhD program. Also I got admission from UCSB, photonics track. I am really not sure which one to choose. UCSB has one of the best program in photonics in the world, but I am not really familiar with the topic. Life at UCSB should be cheaper and more relax than UCLA. On the other hand, I feel really awkward to tell my advisor that I would leave the group and I feel comfortable with my PI and my group members right now....
  2. Hi guys, Did anyone receive invitation for campus visit at UCSB ECE department? Also, how is this related to admission or offer? Thanks, if you also will go campus, we can do together!
  3. Just wanna ask, as a PhD applicant, will you get accept without interview or contact with POI? ECE major
  4. Did anyone receive the updated email saying that the decision for ECE PhD will come out next monday????? I have got no interview yet..... Did Gatech actually take PhD students without interview???? Thanks!
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