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  1. Playwriting MFAs

    Rejected from Yale this morning. 😞
  2. Sarah Lawrence Theatre MFA

    I'm interviewing there for the theatre MFA next weekend. I'll let you know my impressions.
  3. Playwriting MFAs

    @SeaLou They offered me a $15,000 scholarship package, which isn't even half of tuition. Not enough, in other words. Those were just merit scholarships though, so maybe now that I've completed my FAFSA, they'll offer me some need-based scholarships? I'm not sure. We'll see when the formal offer comes in.
  4. Playwriting MFAs

    Got a phone call from SCAD yesterday: I'm in! Not sure if that's where I'll end up, but it's exciting to know that I for sure got in somewhere! To clarify, I applied to the Department of Theatre and Dance at UT, not Michener. I didn't understand there were two application processes when I applied.
  5. Playwriting MFAs

    Wish I'd discovered this website before I finished applying. 😬 I applied to playwriting/dramatic writing MFA programs at UT Austin, Yale, Brown, Rutgers, Columbia, SCAD, Northwestern, and UCSD. I also applied for the theatre MFA at Sarah Lawrence. I got an interview request for UT Austin about a week ago, and did my interview on Tuesday. They invited me to come and visit campus yesterday, so I'll be heading down there at the end of the month. I also got an interview/visit request from Sarah Lawrence yesterday, and decided to just go for it. I'm flying from Alaska to NYC to Austin and back over the course of about five days.