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  1. Wanted to offer my two cents on the mental health/application cycle/rejection conversation. I haven’t posted here regularly in years but maybe I can give some comfort or clarity or companionship to some people. This is my sixth year applying. My first year: nothing. My second year: alternate at Indiana. My third year: interview at Ohio and shortlisted at UCSD, Yale told me to apply with a fuller resume and held my application open for a year. My fourth year: shortlisted at UCSD and accepted at a Texas institution. Also a Jerome finalist. I went to the aforementioned program in
  2. Anybody heard anything from Brown?
  3. Congrats to the UCSD and UTA people! Anyone apply to UCLA, USC, or Indiana?
  4. @Penny Jar were you offered a spot at Indiana and Boston? Also, BU seems like you would have more opportunities as others have said.
  5. Hi @emmadlemma good luck! Heard from anything from Indiana or UCSD?
  6. Oh hey everyone. Congrats to @faro555 for your interviews. That's awesome. I applied to UCSD, USC, Brooklyn, Indiana and Texas State. I have an offer at Texas State, but am torn about waiting or not. Their program is growing and I know they have a good theatre program overall (their BFAs are great, I think their MFA in directing is gaining traction, etc), but you know, it's not any of the other schools I applied for. Any thoughts or opinions on the program? Oh, I'm in Austin, too.
  7. @jnp809 Congrats! Hope you love it!
  8. Those who were among the second phase of UCSD applicants, the ten or so who were under consideration, did you receive a very formal and generic rejection? I thought for as long as I was potentially under consideration there, it would be more than a generic rejection. Oh well. Ohio is all that's left this year for me. Last I heard, they were still considering the third slot. But congrats and best of luck to all those accepted.
  9. @jnp809 thanks! I hope so too.
  10. @jnp809 Congrats! So happy for you.
  11. @jnp809 Thanks for the info. Keep us updated with Ohio!
  12. Anyone hear from Iowa? Also I know UCSD has already decided but still haven't heard anything. Anyone else in the same boat? Also I had an interview with Ohio yesterday. Going back to refreshing my inbox constantly.
  13. Whatever it means, it sounds good! It sounds like he likes your work and wants to talk about it. Who knows what's after? But that's great! Congrats
  14. So much positive energy and good news. Congrats to all those accepted. So excited for everyone to kick ass in the fall. And those still waiting, I'm there with you.
  15. That's great @lrb0192! Congratulations!
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