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  1. Hi @Agez -- Good luck!! This forum was so helpful to me last year -- happy to give more info. Just checked my e-mail from last year -- I first heard good news from UCSD 2nd week of February. Other schools with good news all notified me by the end of February, so the big month is coming up! Exciting... As far as writing samples, my personal tactic was to use the piece that was more known (relatively...) as my secondary sample, and instead to find something that was solid (had been workshopped) but hadn't had any kind of success yet as my primary sample. But just make sure your piece is strong and has a POV that you feel passionate about. And like any submission, I'd say make sure the first 10 pages are strong. Honestly, I had not great grades in undergrad, so if that's a fear for anyone, just know that people are more interested in your writing samples and essays and recs than your transcripts. That was a fear of mine, at least. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE 💪
  2. I can answer this one! It seems you should really only apply to Michener, not T&D. Michener comes with like a $30,000 stipend per year plus free tuition and insurance. I went down for interviews last fall having only applied to T&D because I didn't know the difference either. They are essentially the same program, you just have to have a secondary focus for Michener (I guess some people do film/tv, which most people would want to take anyway). And as I mentioned before, Michener gives you $$$. I think the T&D MFA is not fully funded...? That was the vibe I got. It should be clearer on their sites.
  3. Hi, I applied to schools last year, and am currently at UCSD. I cut my resume down to 2 pgs from 3 pgs last year, and that was successful for me. Though I don’t know that it would have changed anything it was 3, I just figured they were more likely to glance through it all? I found a format that let me put education, residencies, and awards in a smaller right hand column and the bulk of my resume is play history and also some press links in the main column. but also 🤷🏻‍♀️ Good luck! Let me know if anyone has questions about UCSD.
  4. Just thought I’d let y’all know — Friend in Seattle got offered Brown — don’t know how many spots there are, but she’s accepting one of the spots. Good luck to everyone still waiting!!
  5. @faro555 Realizing I said Columbia instead of New School -- Columbia was on my mind because I was thinking "at least the debt is way less than Columbia!" People graduate there with like 150k of debt. So there's that...
  6. @faro555 That's so exciting, congratulations! What an amazing spot to be in. At Columbia, will you have to be working through the year as well to make ends meet? Having to possibly take on jobs will ultimately just take away from your time to write. In the end, what is your goal? To end your three years having known key players you can connect with in the future? Or to be able to graduate with 6 new plays you've been able to spend time on, also focusing on your non-fiction work, and not have a financial burden? Did you chat with current students at both programs? Did you fit in more with one school or the other? Did you talk about your worries with any of the students there? If not, can the schools connect you to current students, so you can ask them about this? I would personally lean towards the funded program, and try to get those folks to help you apply to festivals throughout the year -- to potentially still make those connections. But this is SUCH A HARD CALL. Good luck, let us know what you decide! Either way, congratulations!!
  7. Well, I decided to accept the UCSD offer, so I'll be withdrawing from UT and Brown. Good luck to all of you still waiting and/or figuring it all out! If any of you are applying to UCSD next year, I'm sure I'll have a lot of insight, so hit me up! 😘
  8. Thanks for all the kindness you guys! I got an e-mail from Brown to set up Finalist phone interviews this coming week, so that's happening. Was surprised because of that random interview request posted months ago. Anyone else?
  9. So I got accepted to UCSD! 😳 Kind of can't believe it. Still taking the trip down to UTA this week and checking back in with Naomi on Sunday. Whirlwind week.
  10. @Cgc128 I didn't apply to Iowa, but I think that they're usually a bit behind the other schools. Like not until March or something. The Iowa process is back in older posts -- and my bud @Boxedwine goes there now, so she may be able to help?
  11. Joining y'all in the Yale rejection group 😩 I've had interviews with current students at UCSD all this week in what Naomi called "part of the final application process." This amounts to 6 different video calls, and I'm wondering if this is in lieu of an in-person interview or that would come after? Not sure, but I was told I would hear back next week after all my meetings. #anxiety Yet to hear from Brown and Juilliard.
  12. Squeeeeee! UCSD first contacts come out in waves, I guess? Just got my e-mail for a phone meeting with Naomi later today. Snowed in...ish here in Seattle. Guess I won't be day-drinking snow-garitas as planned ? But those of you still waiting on UCSD, there's hope! @RoryGilmore to answer your UTA interview question -- I think BJJ and AB aren't there until August, so I don't think they'll be there? ?‍♀️
  13. Got an in-person interview for UTA! I'll be flying down there in a couple of weeks. ? Kind of can't believe it. So excited. Simultaneously, today I got my rejection from the PWC Jerome Fellowship, so that was humbling. Stung a bit, since I made it to the finalist round last year... and didn't even make it to the semi-finals this year with the play that I submitted to grad schools. Yet to hear from: UCSD (losing hope), Brown, Yale, and Juilliard
  14. Had my UTA interview this morning — again, I applied to Theatre & Dance not Michener. Kirk Lynn had to teach a class, so I video “met” with KJ and some adjunct faculty. It was really pleasant. They asked questions based on my personal history and my statement of purpose. Not really any generic questions. She did mention that these video interviews were semi-finalists and the finalists will have in person meetings in 2 weeks.
  15. @faro555 Congrats on the UCSD interview! That's my dream school, so I'm still holding out a bit of hope -- maybe they send their interview requests out in batches...? ? But if I don't hear back by the end of the week, I'm going to assume they're not so interested. Hoping to at least get an interview with them. We'll see...
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