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    Pain Management Research
    traditional chinese medicine (currently in MS/OM)
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  1. Just wanted to see who out there is already in or interested in applying to a PT/OT or PhD Rehabilitation Science programs..I'm really curious about the PhD programs out there. So far I'm coming up with UIC, UW, and UPitt as likely schools I'll apply to. Any insights?
  2. Hi! Does anyone know anything about Boston Uni. Medical Anthropology department? It looks pretty awesome, and I like that the chair of the department has a focus towards alternative medicine (that's what I'm in grad school for now, but to practice)...
  3. I was with my sweetheart while he did his MA at Dartmouth (2006-2008). I recommend the grad student housing (off campus just down the road- Sachem village) for families and students with S.O. and pet owners. On campus housing is decent for the single grad student. If you have a car (that drives great and has snow/winter tires) I recommend crossing the bridge and seeing what's for rent in vermont (like 5 minutes away). Unfortunately I think the only walkable option to your academic building is the on-campus housing. oh, and BEWARE to the newbie new england people- you will be charged for yo
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