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  1. Minnesota or CUNY? (PhD)

    @hippityhop123 and @viewsonic Did you get to go to CUNY's and UM's visit days? I wasn't able to go, but would love to hear your thoughts and impressions, especially now that UM is up three positions in the US News rank.
  2. Minnesota or CUNY? (PhD)

    @hippityhop123 I study social stratification and economic inequality, so both are good fits. Maybe CUNY would be slightly better for me, given that they have the stone center on economic inequality. However, I was a bit worried about my job prospects given the ranking position of both universities. From what I have been able to assess so far, as imperfect as these ranks can be, they do matter a great deal down the road. @montanem thank you so much for sharing this story. My husband and I applied to a lot of universities in order to maximize our chances of living together. Given that we were lucky enough to get accepted to great universities in the same city, I don't think it would be worth the stress of trying long distance just because UMN could maybe offer slightly better job prospects in the future. As you said, grad school is already very stressful on it’s own. However, my husband is waitlisted at UMN, and given that Columbia and UMN are very closely ranked in his field, it is still possible that we could go there. @viewsonic what do you mean by this “mysterious writing across curriculum program at CUNY”? I’ve never even heard of this.
  3. Minnesota or CUNY? (PhD)

    I am currently facing the same conundrum. I was definitely more inclined to go to Minnesota. However, my husband was recently accepted to a PhD program in Columbia, so I will probably be going to CUNY.