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  1. I heard back early February, not sure if you're still waiting to hear back. I was rejected from the phD program and asked to consider their masters program.
  2. no i have not. have you? or anyone else heard from columbia and stanford BMI?
  3. Hi Everyone, Merry Christmas to all of you! I am a little new to this forum, do you know Columbia BMI sent out invites yet?
  4. I also had a phone interview, because I am out of town as well. But it was a phone call with 3 separate professors. And I did my presentation with Julia. But it did seem like it was a little rushed, since I had maximum 15 mins with each of them.
  5. I emailed Zoe, and she said that she'll let all applicants know of their decision next week. Really hoping for some good news...
  6. I hope the best for you @Curlygirl123!!! I checked my sgs and it still says 'Under Review' .... it's worrying me now... @catman14 I didn't know about ACORN prior to seeing your post. What is it suppose to say? I also don't see any information on my account.
  7. Congrats to people who got the offer! I am still nervously waiting on mine.... hopefully I'll get some good news too since U of T was the only school I applied to...
  8. I worry I talked too much too.. Also I not sure if I answered behavioural questions that well. I am hoping for the best
  9. My gpa average is about 86% for the last 2 years. However, I do have plenty of coding experience. I am finishing up a dual degree in cs and neuroscience. Work experience wise, I've been working in a bioinfomatics lab for the past 3 years so I have a bit of hands on data analysis experience. I also have pretty heavy research experience in the neuroscience field, with several co-authorships. I don't have much working health care experience but I've been volunteering at the hospital and senior homes for the past 5 years. Hope that helps?
  10. Hi! I am new to this forum. I also just had an interview with U of T MHI. What did you guys think of the interview? I am worried that I didn't respond to the some of the questions as well as I could have.
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