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  1. Playwriting MFAs

    Hi all. Hope everyone is hanging in. Update: I received an offer from Hunter today. Still no word from Brooklyn or Juilliard.
  2. Playwriting MFAs

    Hi All, Two updates: Interviewed at Hunter and also received rejection today from Yale via portal. Good luck!
  3. Playwriting MFAs

    It is, yes. Have you heard something?
  4. Playwriting MFAs

    @Zebras4Ever I studied acting as an undergrad 2002-2008. My interaction with grad students was limited to production or in upper-level theatre elective courses. I don't remember how many playwriting students there were. A handful, not many. The professors I worked with were very generous and supportive. I'm still friends with several of them to this day. Tempe is a vibrant place and has only grown since I left. Also, ASU is an enormous university with over 70K enrolled.
  5. Playwriting MFAs

    That’s great! I did my undergrad at Arizona State and have fond memories. Congrats!
  6. Playwriting MFAs

    I’m sorry, I should have been less vague. Yes. But it was very recently sent.
  7. Playwriting MFAs

    Hunter is scheduling interviews, FYI.
  8. Playwriting MFAs

    Thanks for doing that. Seems quite odd that a person would either a.) lie that they got a call for interview or b.) lie about hearing from a friend who says they got a call for an interview. Either way, I’ll take horse’s mouth and appreciate you calling.
  9. Playwriting MFAs

    Hi, @faro555 I applied to Yale, Juilliard, Brooklyn, and Hunter. You?
  10. Playwriting MFAs

    Anyone else using this board this go round?
  11. Playwriting MFAs

    Anyone here accepted to Brooklyn and going to pass on it?
  12. Playwriting MFAs

    Rejected from Yale finals. But waitlisted at Brooklyn College. Rollercoaster.
  13. Playwriting MFAs

    I would love any interview tales you have and what questions you were thrown. Just curious how these things go down aside from the obvious questions about why you, why here, why now. Anyone?
  14. Playwriting MFAs

    @lrb0192 Congrats! How do you plan on juggling? Is Brown going to wait for your other interviews? My Brown app is still sitting with no decision but lots of people are showing rejected so who knows. Maybe I'm your alternate in case you drop out. ;-)
  15. Playwriting MFAs

    @CocoBeans https://apply.drama.yale.edu/account/login?r=https%3a%2f%2fapply.drama.yale.edu%2fapply%2fstatus