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  1. Playwriting MFAs

    @jnp809 Hm, good thinking!
  2. Playwriting MFAs

    @SeaLou I am in the same boat with UCSD. I called a week ago to as if I'm on the waitlist at all, and they said the same thing we heard earlier, that admission was offered to three people and all accepted. Soooooo. I think they just forgot to reject us. Nice to know we made it further than most though. Friends, has anyone heard of schools offering financial aid packages year by year? I'm accepted at UCLA, but they offer aid packages on a yearly basis. This makes me VERY nervous.
  3. Playwriting MFAs

    @lrb0192 Amen to this! And congrats!
  4. Playwriting MFAs

    Also got my Brooklyn College rejection. Is it weird that I was rejected from the two east coast schools I applied at (Brown was the other) and am accepted at UCLA and effectively waitlisted at UCSD? Is there some aesthetic differences based on region that I'm unaware of? Or maybe east coast schools are just more competitive? Maybe I'm reading too much into it.
  5. Playwriting MFAs

    @SeaLou Also, weird, I thought they did interviews...hmmm maybe a symptom of the recent cuts.
  6. Playwriting MFAs

    @SeaLou Good to know. Did you hear that on MFA Draft or by calling them?
  7. Playwriting MFAs

    I caved and emailed UCSD. They said if you didn't get a rejection, you're still being considered. Which makes me think they're choosing who to interview right now.
  8. Playwriting MFAs

    Hey all! Does anyone know if UCSD has already done interviews? Seems like they're sending out rejections, but I haven't heard anything from them yet. Got my Brown rejection on Friday, too, but found out recently I got into UCLA. Not sure if it's going to be worth the debt. Still waiting to hear from Brooklyn College. Wish they'd hurry!