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  1. @Cgc128 I'm sorry! That's definitely the worst feeling, but just remain positive about Hunter I'll send good thoughts your way!
  2. @brillantina Congrats about Brooklyn and New School!!! Both of their programs are amazing! And also congrats on your fantastic interview with Columbia! @Coffee&Flowers Oh God that makes me nervous about NYU...hopefully playwriting acceptances are going out later since interviews seem to be happening later? @kevinmalone Congrats on being waitlisted at Brooklyn! I haven't heard anything from them, so I'm assuming I've been rejected:/
  3. That's amazing!! Congratulations, I'm so happy for you! ❤️❤️
  4. @Coffee&Flowers Same here! At least the Brown rejection letter was fairly nice.
  5. I haven't heard anything other than my NYU interview and Michener rejection I know UTA and Brown notified their finalists already (according to the results page), but I'm wondering why they're taking so long with rejections? Speaking of NYU, I had my Skype interview on Monday, and the interviewer told me that she still hasn't notified all the finalists yet! She's going on a workshop until March 14th, and she said she's going to reach out to people for interviews after that. So don't write your NYU obituary in your head @lonewolfe094...there's still hope! I also applied to Brooklyn, Hunter, and Rutgers, but haven't heard anything from them either.
  6. Rejected from Michener 😥
  7. @lonewolfe094 The playwriting head at NYU reached out to me yesterday to schedule an interview, but there's a chance she hasn't gotten to everyone yet! She said interviews are 3/1 and 3/4, so maybe some more interview requests will go out later today.
  8. @captbaka Congratulations!!!!!! Still waiting on Brown, NYU, Brooklyn, and I'm going to apply to Hunter and Rutgers (also applied to UT Theatre & Dance and Michener, but it looks like I'm out of the running there)
  9. @captbaka Congratulations!!!!!! I'll be rooting for you! Is your interview going to be with Annie Baker and Branden Jacobs-Jenkins? And I'm sorry to hear about the fellowship, but UTA is SUCH an amazing opportunity, so everything balances out in the end:)
  10. @lonewolf25 That's interesting! My status says "Your application is ready for review and will be sent to the admissions committee of your program." Honestly I'm not very confident with my applications either. I'm trying to put all my anxiety into my Hunter application (due in a couple weeks) and Rutgers (due next month), but I'm most likely going to apply again next year.
  11. @PlayWitch One of my recommenders was late in submitting her rec letter and sent it a few days ago:/ Does anyone know if Brooklyn has started reading submissions yet?
  12. @captbaka Congrats, that’s amazing!!!! Let me know how the interview goes:) And I guess that means I’m out of the running at UTA Theatre & Dance. Has anyone heard anything from Michener?
  13. @brillantina Thank you so much! I'm going to some research as well, so I can keep you posted if I find anything:) I just know it's a two and a half year program, students are guaranteed productions, and you have the option to take screenwriting classes.
  14. @brillantina I'm considering applying to Rutgers as well! What do you know about the program? And yikes, that Brown interview request on the results page sparked my anxiety...
  15. @Nowadays Oh no!! That was my main reason for applying to Hunter. I haven't submitted my writing samples and transcripts yet, but I'm debating about whether or not I want to finish my application. Is anyone else in the same boat? I also applied to Michener and UTA so I'm happy they'll at least be teaching there, but I'm still disappointed.
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