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  1. Exactly. Get creative. Its alright to panic, sometimes panic is a good wake up call that we need to change things up. But don't let it freeze you. Use that energy to moving towards your goals
  2. Benefits to early admission?

    It depends on the school. I know that in Chicago Harris they have 3 rounds and its much more likely you will get aid if you apply to the first one
  3. What do you want to do with your MPA

    My dream is to work in international consulting, hopefully working with governments and NGOs around the world
  4. Its great but it does not have practice tests in the traditional sense. It has a pool of hundrends of questions for quant and verbal, each one with a detailed explanation and links to the appropriate material. You can choose to take a slice of these questions for a practice run with the same number of questions as those of the test, but the questions may not be as calibrated in difficulty as those in the real thing. I found that PowerPrep mock tests are a better predictor. The questions are slightly harder than the real thing, and cover everything. If you finish it you should feel confident in whatever the test throws at you.
  5. I graduated from PoliSci and began working in political communications at my local gov't. I wanted to pivot into more policy-oriented roles so I'm beginning my MPP at HKS in order to move into international consulting (I'm from outside the US), and later maybe return to public sector in my country. I'm just beginning my career path so I can't tell you if I will be sucessful or not.
  6. Futurelearn - online classes on your CV

    MOOCs are all the rage these days, with LinkedIn opening its own service that you can then validate in your profile. As for putting it in your CV when you apply to jobs, then I'd say the answer depends on your field, the relevance, and the position you are applying to. I'd imagine for a more academic position it may look like fluff but for a more practical position where you need specific skills, it would be helpful to know you were proactive enough to take a course (while naming the institution and professor). I keep all the extra courses I make in my all-purposes CV in any case, because I can always take it down later. Remember that you should always, always, always revise your CV to fit the particular use you have for it at any given time.
  7. From my limited understanding, HKS is not that hard to get into (big class size) but gives very little aid. Princeton's WWS is one of the hardest to get into (small classes) but a majority of students get some aid. I would also like to mention Syracuse Maxwell's. I did not have a spectacular resume by any means but they offered me 80% tuition aid if I worked as a research assistant (win-win for me).
  8. sexual harassment?

    A lot of people have made really good arguments in this thread so I just wanted to say that I empathize with your situation and I'm really sorry this happened. From your update above, it is clear that this is unfairly upsetting you. I have known cases of sexual harassment by senior professors at Universities here, and it really pisses me off. They were worse than what you described because they didn't just "ask politely". What really peeves me is that in these cases the rest of the staff and even the University is complicit because they don't want to lose important professors or make a scandal that could affect the whole administration. So cases like this end up being normalized. I am glad that you exteriorized this concern because it is likely that you are not the first or the last to be subject to this individual's harassment. Maybe I'm being a little extreme but I also feel that you had a moral obligation to fight this. (But as others have said, the world is not always fair so you need to be smart about how you go about it). The supervisor is super guilty in this regard too.
  9. How to give notice to boss?

    I don't know what to tell you other than you should be confident and honest. You are doing everything by the books and pursuing a higher education. That is quite commendable. Just tell things straight, tell him about your plans and why you are excited. Also, be available to go out of your way to help out smooth things over for your last 2 weeks. I was on a similar position, having to tell my boss, whom I owed a lot to, that I would be leaving for my Master's. I had the fortune of being able to tell with more time in advance, committing myself to help out for the transition period. She was so excited for me I couldn't believe I was nervous before. She was happy I was going to do my masters, and compunded me to do it no matter what. Maybe the same will happen to you. Try not to be too nervous as it will botch your delivery.
  10. Has HKS Lost Its Way? (Article)

    I'm entering the MPP program soon and during these months I've spoken to plenty of people who went to HKS. All of them loved it, many of them had to finance their education entirely. One of the people I've talked to works at government, other works at McKinsey and yet another is a consultant for a small company that advises governments across the world in implementation. All of them swear by the school. They all agree that the impressive roster of speakers throughout the year is incredibly formative. One of my interviewees told me that the leadership and negotiation classes were among the best he ever took (this coming from a MBA background). Another mentioned that the hidden value comes from the classes where you have mates which have, for example, been ministers in South American nations, or human right activists in south-east Asia. The career advancement services is impressive from what I've seen. I would agree that the price and lack of financing options is a huge problem, though. The article is unfair and its arguments mudded, which is unfortunate because this is a discussion worth having.
  11. How Do I Improve my Vocabulary?

    If you are studying for a specific test such as the GRE, there are many sites that contain the most common "high-difficulty" words in these tests. Its a good habit to try to memorize a couple each day and then review how many you kept at the end of the week. There are flashcards apps that allow you to quickly study. If you want to improve your vocabulary without any specific purpose in mind, the answer is simple and you've probably heard it before: You have to read a lot of good stuff. This can be literature, but it could also be non-fiction. Just make sure they have advanced vocabulary. I read a lot and I love learning new words. That's why I always quickly look the word up in my cellphone when I read one that I don't know. If I was purposedly learning vocab for a test, I would also write down the new words. For those looking for reading material with advanced vocabulary, I always recommend The Economist. It has short, interesting, well researched and well written articles, with plenty of "GRE words".
  12. Keep a Word, Drop a Word

    engagement ring
  13. Struggling between MPA & Macro MSW

    Ended up accepting my admission to HKS, as I had a national scholarship
  14. Struggling between MPA & Macro MSW

    And its not impossible to get funding (I got offered like 80% of tuition with some research responsibilities)