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  1. datik

    Boston & Cambridge, MA

    Very cool, thanks for the info @Butterfly_effect So to me it seems that GSAS seems like a very convenient option money-wise.
  2. datik

    Boston & Cambridge, MA

    Any approximate number for average monthly prices for GSAS?
  3. datik

    HKS 2018

    Do the accepted people have a clear idea of what they will do for accomodations? I am a foreign student and am beginning to be anxious to find a cheap but comfortable place. I was thinking sharing a flat in Sommerville but obviously I cannot visit before. What are the plans for foreign students? With how much anticipation will you reserve?
  4. datik

    HKS 2018

    Well of course, different circumstances. I should have mentioned that I am from outside the US and if I wanted to return home I would probably have a lower rent potential, so I also must factor that.
  5. datik

    HKS 2018

    Does anyone know the start/end dates for the MPP program? I am also doing this, but only because I have a considerable amount saved up and my parents can support a certain percentage of the tuition. I would not do it if I had to go full debt for the entire cost of the program.

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