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  1. datik

    Boston & Cambridge, MA

    Does anybody here know if Harvard students have access to any sort of gym facilities? If so, is there an extra fee to pay? In unrelated notes, any affordable gym in the cambridge/brighton/boston area? I just want to lift some weights to stay fit in the cold winter months.
  2. datik

    Boston & Cambridge, MA

    Very cool, thanks for the info @Butterfly_effect So to me it seems that GSAS seems like a very convenient option money-wise.
  3. datik

    Boston & Cambridge, MA

    Any approximate number for average monthly prices for GSAS?
  4. datik

    HKS 2018

    Do the accepted people have a clear idea of what they will do for accomodations? I am a foreign student and am beginning to be anxious to find a cheap but comfortable place. I was thinking sharing a flat in Sommerville but obviously I cannot visit before. What are the plans for foreign students? With how much anticipation will you reserve?
  5. datik

    HKS 2018

    Well of course, different circumstances. I should have mentioned that I am from outside the US and if I wanted to return home I would probably have a lower rent potential, so I also must factor that.
  6. datik

    HKS 2018

    Does anyone know the start/end dates for the MPP program? I am also doing this, but only because I have a considerable amount saved up and my parents can support a certain percentage of the tuition. I would not do it if I had to go full debt for the entire cost of the program.
  7. datik

    HKS 2018

    The aid packages on offer are not HKS specific
  8. datik

    HKS 2018

  9. datik

    HKS 2018

    Financial decisions are out and once again I didn't get anyything
  10. If I read your post correctly your concern is not so much wheter or not you will be able to get in, but rather if it will actually be useful for your professional life. And the answer to that is: It depends. As stated above, the term policy is very foggy and could mean a bunch of different things. Do you have a clear idea of what you want to do? Do you have institutions in mind where you would like to work? The thing is that for working in government, multilateral institutitons or NGOs, an MPP could actually be a useful thing to have. However, it won't guarantee by itself a sucessful career. You need to have at least a defined direction while you are doing the program, maybe looking at internship opportunities, or learning as much as you can about the field you are interested in. What I would advise against is coming to these programs with a vague notion that you want to be in "policy" (whatever that means) and just flowing with the wind, hoping to catch a cool job whenever you finish your degree, by some cosmic coincidence.
  11. datik

    HKS 2018

    So what essays are y'all submitting?
  12. datik

    HKS 2018

    Its not a deal breaker. The average work experience at HKS is between 2 and 3 years. So that tells you plenty of people are below that. But as you well stated, you need a well-crafted narrative. No. Only send as many LORs as requested. How you choose the 3 people who will recommend you among all your contacts is also something that says a lot about you.
  13. datik

    Advice from the inside - hiring in the private sector

    Sigaba, how would you recommend communicating with your employer that you have the "work ethic" and maturity needed for that position?
  14. No! HKS has a very diverse group of students. What's common knowledge is that the admissions office seeks people with potential to be "leaders", whatever that may mean. Point is, that involves people without a necessairly strong Quant background. Of course, if you have over 160Q, that doesn't hurt.
  15. datik

    Duke Sanford AMA

    What is the career path you want to follow? Also, how does that plan compare to that of your peers? Does a big % of students have it "figured it out"? Thanks!

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