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  1. Thank you cloud! Very thorough advice. I read the post you linked and that was also helpful.
  2. Hmmmmmmm, okay I'm going to keep thinking about this, then. For those of you who are familiar with PhD CW programs: Any program suggestions for a more traditional writer? Or for someone who writes poetry in a confessional/narrative vein? Asking for a friend.
  3. Yay! I hope it's good fit for you Poet!
  4. Thank you all for this advice! For a while I was debating whether to apply for a PhD in Lit or Creative Writing, but lately I've been leaning towards Lit. I'm not interested in repeating the MFA experience, and I want to be qualified to teach a variety of college English classes. (Not that I'm complaining about my MFA. It's great!)
  5. How do I make myself the most competitive English PhD candidate possible? I'm currently pursuing an MFA, but I'm considering getting my PhD in either Lit or Rhet/Comp in order to better my job prospects. Of course, all the writing I've been doing for the past two years has been creative, and I only have poetry publications to my name. I plan to take off a few years between the MFA and the (potential) PhD. What could I do in that time to improve my application? Publish scholarly papers? Audit a literature class?