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  1. Advice Desperately Needed

    I agree with 3dender. You sound like you are a pretty good student anyway, so your overall G.P.A would be good anyway, even if it is not as good as it would be if you did just psychology. To me, college is all about exploring and discovering interests and learning in detail about things which interest me. Sure, grad schools do like students with high G.P.A's. But, they are also interested in what motivates you, and how dedicated you are to pursuing your interests. As 3dender said, you can always get field experience to boost your phD app., but not using this opportunity will probably just screw with your head later on.
  2. I had an interview with UoE yesterday and two hours after the interview, the programme head emailed me saying that he is recommending that I am offered a place on the programme. He followed it up by saying that when they talk to a student who has met the requirements of the highest category, they are able to make a recommendation immediately, as in my case. He also added that I would receive notification through the admission portal in due course. Does this mean that I have been accepted? or is it still a maybe until I actually get the letter? I know I should wait since it has been just a day since he sent the email, but I am just really nervous as this is my dream programme.
  3. Personal Satements

    Hey, I agree withe everything that has been said so far, especially Elska's point on first creating a general statement. What I found most helpful was writing everything I could think of out first. I looked at different guides, including the ones on pinterest, and then wrote as much as I could under each of the suggested headings and tried to put it all together. It came upto around 1500 words which is a lot. Then, i kept it aside for the day, woke up the next day and wrote an entirely new statement without looking at the old one. This one was around 1200 words and much better. I then edited it a couple of times, and then started to send it out to a few of my friends who have already applied to and gotten into grad schools. Their advice was priceless. I cannot recommend this step enough as it really helped me make my S.O.P become so much more precise and just... sounded way better. My final S.O.P had the following sections: P1- 3 sentences which talked about why I chose Psychology p2- a paragraph on curricular and co-curricular experiences p3- Why I chose this college and this program (Be very specific) P4- My research interests P5- Where I see myself in the future, My goals P6- 3 sentences where I spoke about why they should choose me and how I can contribute to the university. It totally came up to around 650 words and the only thing I modified for each college was p3. Thankfully all the schools I applied to gave me a separate space to talk about work experience, so I didn't have to include it in the S.O.P. This was a good length for me as I could easily add or cut down 100-150 words which allows it to meet most requirements.
  4. I was originally not going to apply for grad school this year as I wanted work experience. However, a last minute decision saw me applying for TCD's doctoral program in mid-march. I know its hardly been 3 weeks but I am freaking out. I mean, this is Trinity! and its a doctoral program. Has anyone been on this program so far? I just want to know if i even have a chance My undergraduate G.P.A is 3.98/4 which is good, but my only work experience is a 1 month clinical internship and a 1 year part time counselling internship. I just graduated in December and have never been employed as a psychologist. I have also held leadership positions including a semester as the president of the psychology club of my college. I know this is a decent profile for a masters program. However, I am freaked out as this is a professional doctorate and I applied late. Also, I heard that these programs usually take into account the age of the applicant (maturity: I heard they prefer candidates to be at least 23 years old) and I am worried as I only turn 21 next month.