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  1. This last week I got a rejection from Stanford and waitlisted at Marquette as well. Same as cosmo92, Dr. Dempsey said I was high on the wait list. For what it's worth, something similar happened to me when I applied there for the MA program, but then I ended up getting in and funded. So I still have hope about it. No word from SLU or Chicago yet though.
  2. I just accepted the offer from Marquette. Thanks everyone for the advice!
  3. It is basically only Dr. Kalantsis at Wheaton. But the only hesitancy I had (which is basically gone at this point) is that he's one of the few Evangelical early church scholars out there. Obviously I'd like to add myself to that group. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that denominational distinctions don't matter in the academic world.
  4. Sounds pretty unanimous for Marquette. Any pros to consider about Wheaton that I should consider first? I'll probably make my decision on Monday.
  5. I'm Evangelical myself, but probably more ecumenical than most. I really would like to work to build some bridges between the three big branches of Christianity, using our shared history as a starting point. So I'd most likely end up in an Evangelical school, but I wouldn't rule out a Catholic university either. How important is diversity in your college career? I.e. is it beneficial to have experience at both Evangelical, Catholic, and mainline schools? Or better to just stick to one tradition and specialize?
  6. M.A. but interested in pursuing a PhD afterwards (not necessarily at the same school), so basically wondering what would set me up the best for that.
  7. Hi guys! I'm brand new to this, but I'm looking for advice and found these forums. Looks like you're a helpful bunch! I'm hoping to study Church History with a focus on the early Church. I've been accepted into Marquette and Wheaton. I've been offered a full tuition scholarship to Marquette, and a $7000/year scholarship to Wheaton (about 2/3s of the cost). Is Wheaton's program significantly better than Marquette's? Better enough to warrant turning down a full ride? I'm obviously strongly leaning towards Marquette, especially with that offer, but I just want to make sure I'm not pas
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