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  1. Early March for Ryerson. They said they only accepted accredited programs by the CACB which was why I got cutoff early. I thought I had a chance with Calgary but apparently not and I heard people are already accepted by Carleton with advance placement early in March as well.
  2. Hello M. Arch Applicants, I applied to 7 universities in Canada for Master's of Architecture for Fall 2017 and I have been rejected by 5 universities. My university is unaccredited and my grades are average. My question is should I lose hope and resort to looking for summer architecture internships and try again next year? This forum and admitted list is causing me more stress than before and I need advice and closure. ( I know I need to not look at the result list but it gives me a good idea who I am up against.) I want to know your applicant situations whether it's positive or negative
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