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  1. MisterMeeseeks

    Boren 2017-2018

    For the China Borens out there: Did you get your J1 before you left or are you getting it once you get there? I was having some trouble with the school sending me originals and the visa office wouldn't take copies, wondered if anyone else was having any difficulty.
  2. MisterMeeseeks

    Boren 2017-2018

    Is anyone deferring their grad school start date to use Boren for language study only?
  3. MisterMeeseeks

    Boren 2017-2018

    LOL! wait, unless you're serious... i'm just trying to figure out how to stretch this money as long as possible
  4. MisterMeeseeks

    Boren 2017-2018

    Just curious how you all plan to supplement your funding while you're overseas. Are some of you doing this in conjunction with grad school programs and funding? Is anyone just going over solely for language learning?
  5. MisterMeeseeks

    Boren 2017-2018

    Is anyone going to China?

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