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  1. Any particular reason or elaboration as to this? Is this purely because of the placement ranking?
  2. Out of curiosity, what is the average expected salary of someone as a professor in political science?
  3. I'm curious on this too since I got accepted into Maryland as well. So it is a failed prospect to even go there then?
  4. Out of curiosity, what is considered young, average, and older for Ph.D. students in terms of age?
  5. Rejected from Georgia via snail mail. At least they were nice about it. This application cycle actually makes no sense at all seeing as I'm getting into places ranked higher than places that rejected me.
  6. Congrats! Was it informal or official? I applied to Georgetown as well, though I am not exactly expecting to get in.
  7. UPenn reject here. Only 4 left (2 of which I don't think I'd go to since the one I got into is good enough for me) I think this a good representation of how I'm feeling this far into the application cycle and expecting rejections:
  8. I see no reason she would lie about that. I've had friends at other schools get letters far before everyone else did around February while others got in during March. On top of that, IU had most of us submit applications fairly late (unless you were an international applicant), so they could have been working with acceptances with the international admits first and then moved onto domestic applicants.
  9. I mean there is a chance that their initial class won't all commit and they'll fill in the spots with people who are in limbo. I'd wait till March.
  10. We are political science doctoral hopefuls. If we can't write in differing writing styles and find out who the DGS without a quick Google search, I would be concerned.
  11. Things I Have Learned: - I am often wrong I wouldn't be so certain until someone actually posts here. You do realize trolls can post multiple submissions, right?
  12. Things I Have Learned: - Getting an e-mail that "Your Decision is Ready" usually means rejection
  13. I really wish I could help you since you gave a lot of positivity towards my direction when I was despairing a few days ago. I know this doesn't mean much (and I'm not even sure if you're religious), but I'll be praying for your success!
  14. Does anyone know if Indiana finished sending out acceptances or if I'm still in the game with them? Really sorry to hear that! If it makes you feel better, I took last year and didn't get into where I wanted (albeit this was for law school), and I think that year made me a better person in the long run. Bet of luck to the future!
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