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  1. Hi everybody! Although I know this is for grads, I have read a multitude of threads pertaining to BSW on this before, so I wanted to chime in. Is anybody else waiting for uVic BSW acceptance May Entry, Distance Delivery. The anticipation is killing me. Would love to talk to anybody else who is waiting to see what their application status is. Has anybody received a reject letter? I swear I'm just waiting for that rejection letter. Thanks everybody, hope to hear back soon.
  2. Wow. Soul crushing is a perfect way to describe. I am applying to my BSW and have been lurking this forum just to see peoples comments. I have been working fulltime in the field for approximately 4 years and feel like this won't be enough for anywhere. People who were accepted to Western, how many hours did you have? I'm sorry to all who were not successful, did you apply to other schools?
  3. I am applying for my BSW online via distance delivery. I am applying to uVic and uCalgary. I am not sure if I should apply to uManitoba? It seems pretty competitive and based on grades. I have good grades and a lot of experience. Any advice or support would be appreciated!
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