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  1. Hi, guys! I'm on the waitlist at Drexel Lebow Strategy Ph.D. program. I'm very confused about my chances. For those who got the offer could you please let me know are you gonna to accept it or not? Really appreciate your feedback. Thanks!
  2. Hi all! I wonder what questions to expect during my first interview. The specialization is the strategy field and it's a Ph.D. program. Do they usually ask such common for job interviews questions like what are your strengths and weaknesses etc? Also according to your experience/opinion, how much do they ask about your previous research?I'm freaking out about how to explain what methods I used in my dissertation and how I analyzed things. Please, be so kind to let me know what do you think. Thanks!
  3. Hi, guys! I live in the USA a little more than a year.I apply for the Ph.D. positions now. I focused on my GRE test and received 169 math and 153 verbal. But I feel that I failed toefl. I got 92 score. All subscores are high level except speaking with 20 points. I don't know should I retake toefl or not. I wanted to apply for the wharton upenn, but i/m not sure does it make sense with such a bad toefl score. I need your advice!
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