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  1. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Hi @smntoronto, Yes I did see that UBC-Vancouver suspended their MSW for non-BSW students; however, UBC-Okanagan will still be open to MSW applicants for non-BSW students. I've only been exposed to the hospital setting for SW. I did a couple of co-op semesters with the rehab department and liked how SWs work in a team with OTs/PTs/SLPs. I have heard of area such as mental health and do know that non-profits are also an option. I've always been interested in the geriatrics population so hopefully there's something like that......advance care planning maybe? I also heard about SWs in the ICU setting which seems fast-paced and interesting. Just out of curiosity....what made you guys interested in SW? I've just completed my Kin degree....was always interested in physiology and psychology.....so initially wanted to go into OT but its just insanely competitive and so I thought SW might be the next option.
  2. Canadian MSW Applicants 2018

    Hi all, I'm looking to apply to UBC's MSW. Does anyone have thoughts/heard anything about their program? Also, I've been exploring a couple of career options and have shadowed SWs in the hospital setting only (in BC). They've all told me that although they are passionate about their work, they are too stressed with the caseload and it really makes them feel unsatisfied with their work because they can't provide each patient with all the right resources due to caseload. Would this only be in the hospital? Maybe I've just talked to SWs that are all just under a lot of pressure at this time and I am hoping this isn't true for most cases.
  3. Anyone heading to UBC-O MSW? Any thoughts on UBC-O's SW program?
  4. MSW programs in western Canada

    Does anyone have ay thoughts on UBC-O MSW program?