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  1. Hi all! I didn't see a thread yet for the Lynch school at BC so I decided to start one. I figured people could use this to share acceptances to the school, connect with some other students, and share any questions or advice they might have. I'll be in the MESA (Educational Measurement, Evaluation, Statistics, & Assessment) M.S. program and I'm really excited to start this fall!
  2. Hi! I’m a current student at Wake Forest so I might be able to answer some of your questions. I’m not in the MA program so I can’t answer a ton about it, but I am a senior psychology major and I do research with a few of the grad students. As far as the MA program itself, everyone I know enrolled in it has had very positive things to say. Seems to be a pretty good overview of a variety of psych classes (cognitive, bio, social, etc.) in addition to 2 psychometrics classes. Again because it’s not a “focused” degree it gives you an opportunity to experience a few different subsets of psychol
  3. I posted on this thread a while back in the summer saying I was applying to masters programs. Really excited to find out that today I got an offer for the MS in Applied Stats & Psychometrics program at Boston College and I will be accepting! Good luck to everyone as you go through the interview process!
  4. Okay thank you, that's good to hear. I've gotten A's in almost all of my upper level stats courses so I really feel like I can handle the graduate level math. It was mostly just gen ed classes and freshman year courses that brought down my GPA a lot, and I was worried that would make quant psych grad programs not a realistic option for me
  5. Hi there! I'm not actually applying to phd programs, just masters. But there are no quant psych masters threads so I figured I'd use this one. I'm worried about my applications because I have a pretty low GPA (3.1) and I'm concerned that will throw me out of the running for any programs. I'm hoping my background will make up for it because I feel like a good fit for quant psych (Undergrad double major in Statistics in Psychology, pretty strong GRE scores, 2 years experience doing data analytics in psych research lab). Masters programs seem a lot more realistic for me at the moment so
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