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  1. I’ve been accepted to Korbel, Elliott, and SIS too. Looking at the courses offered, Korbel seems like the best security program overall to me. The only downside (other than cost) is that it’s not in DC but from everything I’ve read and people within the program I’ve talked to, it doesn’t really matter. They bring the three letter agencies in for recuruiting and interviews, private companies recruit Korbel, and Denver has good security related jobs to intern at.
  2. @amaliaov Congrats on getting admitted! Rent in Denver (and Colorado in general) is pretty high right now because everyone seems to be moving here. But after a quick search (I used www.apartments.com) I found studios that were anywhere from 800-1200 per month. I think you would be able to find something if you looked hard enough. I'm a native Coloradan so I'm pretty biased, but Denver really is a fantastic city. It has great bars (and local beer) and pretty good clubs for going out, teams in all four major sports, and is only an hour or an hour and a half from amazing skiing/sno
  3. FP just released their 2018 rankings and, to my knowledge, haven't released a ranking since 2015. http://foreignpolicy.com/2018/02/20/top-fifty-schools-international-relations-foreign-policy/ What does everyone think?
  4. I'm in for the International Security program!!! Woohoo!!! I didn't get an email, I just went to the portal and checked. jk I just got an email. So check your emails. lol
  5. @tairos Did you find it hard to find security related internships and stuff? I just got accepted to the GSPS program and I was thinking about doing the security concentration as well.
  6. Congrats, @Megabyte and @bazing! I hope I hear back soon.
  7. @koppanyj22 international security applicants?
  8. I'm also from Colorado (and did my undergrad at CU). Apartments are expensive and @ShewantsthePhD101 is spot on. Roommates would def help but don't knock living outside of Denver. Rent prices can go way down if you live outside of the city.
  9. I also applied to the MGPS program, but didn't apply before the December deadline. I submitted my application a couple weeks ago. I wonder if I will hear back later than you guys, assuming you submitted before the first deadline. Where else did everyone apply to?
  10. Hi @koppanyj22! My career goal is to work in the intelligence or defense community. A dream job of mine is to work for the CIA or FBI so that is what I am working towards currently. Which is why I really like the International Security program, I feel like it would benefit me greatly in getting there. What are your career goals? I did well on the writing part of the GRE (4.5), average verbal (156), and very low quant (147). I'm not a math person, as you can tell. But I had a high undergrad GPA and did well in the few math classes I took during undergrad, so I am hoping they won't be too h
  11. I also applied to the International Security program for Fall 18.
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