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  1. Thank you so much @ThousandsHardships
  2. Just wonder if with a MA degree can I still pursue PhD later on??
  3. When I finished my undergrad I was struggling with the same dilemma but I realized that I was not made to handle clinical work so decided to join corporate world in field of HR. Though I have yet to do my grad studies (Applying for Fall 2018) but I have also realized that you can make good money with either of the 2 degrees. You can pursue Clinical Psych and after couple of years you can have your own private clinic and similarly you can startup you own consultancy firm with a degree in IO. So either way money will follow you as long as you are passionate about it. Just a glimpse in HR consultancy, I usually clock in 60+ hours a week but the fun is I get to network with HR leaders from ALL industries and get to travel new cities. All the best !!!
  4. Has anyone applied for graduate programs through Pathway programs? Does it effect your chances with securing scholarships and/or assistantships? Secondly I have narrowed to the following universities. Would really appreciate your feedback. 1. NYU 2. Hofstra 3. SUNY, Albany 4.Uni of Tulsa 5. Uni of Central Florida 6. Uni of Baltimore 7. Minnesota State Uni - Mankota 8. George Mason For most of these Unis they have Masters as well as PhD programs so that I can continue to PhD after grad studies Thank you
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