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  1. Hey Guys, What would you say about UIUC vs Cornell MatSE PhD? I have found potential advisors at both places. Wanted a bit of advice from my fellow MS&E folks. Please let me know your views
  2. Hey Guys, Just wanted to get opinions from someone about both of these universities for MS&E. Supposing I have found faculty I would love to work with in both of the universities, which one would be the better choice? In terms of facilities, connectivity, etc? Any advice would be really useful.
  3. Hey Guys, I'm getting a stipend, tuition waiver and partial fee waiver for a PhD program at UIUC. Does anyone have any idea about the sort of money I'll have to pay for the remaining fees? They've also mentioned something about assessed fees. I mailed the office, but they directed me to a link which didn't elaborate much. I also wanted to ask what's with the 50% assistantship offered by UIUC for the PhD program? I'll be pleased to hear back from anyone.
  4. Does applying earlier within the deadline increase the chances of acceptance? So if the deadline is say 15th Dec, and I apply in the first week of November itself, will my chances of acceptance be better than had I applied later? Please let me know?
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