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  1. Seeing that the "Decision Made" at UMN means rejection, I've officially struck out this season. I may or may not apply next cycle. It was great interacting with you guys. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors. Adios!
  2. Thanks man. Means a lot to me. No I'm not in that much despair so no wandering in the forest for me I've been through much in my life so this is nothing comparatively. Just that I'm afraid about my prospects in the next cycle, especially all the emotional, logistical and, more importantly, financial hassle involved. P.S. Good to know things turned around for you and wishing you the best for your future endeavors.
  3. Good tips for domestic students. I am an international applicant though so the waivers don't work for me. Plus there's the TOEFL test fee and the application fees are also higher for international applicants. These expenses forced me to cut down on my applications and now I'm left with no options.
  4. I'm in the same boat. Except I'm not sure whether I would be able to go the second cycle route. Tough luck I guess. Congratulations to all the admits from my side as well.
  5. Congrats to all those who have been admitted to their dream programs, or at least acceptable programs. Wishing you all the best for your future endeavors. The rest of us are still hanging in here, dreading another cycle. That's life I guess.
  6. Congrats! Guess your camping trip paid dividends.
  7. Right. US schools are quick though. Even some Feb.1 deadliners are sending acceptances.
  8. Congrats! I guess they only interviewed those they really wanted in the program. You have bright chances of getting admitted.
  9. I know. I have long assumed it as a rejection though. Soldiering on for the rest of the cycle
  10. I've not got any interview requests from Vanderbilt. If there was a chance, a request would have arrived by now. Judging by the DGS email pre-application-deadline, I'm assuming a rejection.
  11. For a second I thought this was MRes/PhD.
  12. Anyway, I can only talk about my applications. Vanderbilt appears to have interviewed those it wanted to admit with chances of an invite getting slimmer. Minnesota is likely to announce by the end of this week or early next week.
  13. Probably the slowest Sunday on this thread.
  14. With a score of 4.5/8, I would say it is not a bad showing at all.
  15. So like one in ten will likely accept in that case, on average.
  16. Thanks for your input. Sounds like a bad situation especially the possible negativity with all that competition. Surprised that Columbia used to have the same arrangement. They have a massive endowment to begin with.
  17. I see. So from your experience/knowledge, do these schools actually offer funding later on? Which schools are known for this behavior? A couple of people here mentioned Georgia State. I didn't find any other school doing that on the results page though.
  18. Can you expand on that a bit please? Does that mean an assumption by the school the applicant will withdraw? What if someone bites the bullet and accept it? Really confused on such conditional offers.
  19. No need for apologies.Of course one wants to dress appropriately for the visiting weekends. It is important to seek advice. I just wanted to mention a couple of people who were/are teetering on the edge due to multiple rejections. Congrats on your acceptance and wishing you the best for the visiting weekends and beyond.
  20. To all those sartorially challenged, can you please move the discussion to someplace else? Create a new thread if you will. This forum is for sharing admission news and developments. Besides, this conversation adds to the stress levels of a large number of people who have yet to hear any good news. Heck, a couple of them have even expressed suicidal thoughts. No offense!
  21. I already did assume one I'm assuming the interview scheduling mails are already done and over with by Vandy. Good that they weren't giving any false hopes by detailing the process ahead of admissions deadline.
  22. GSU PSci? Wasn't the early deadline Feb. 1? Damn they are too quick.
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