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  1. Application Post-Mortem Evaluation

    Genuinely curious . . . why would you not publish or present? Isn't that, in large part, what we're working toward? I think it helps demonstrate that you're ready to be part of the guild. I think a track record of publications and presentations helped my applications. It isn't everything, but I'm at a loss for what the downside would be.
  2. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    I have an offer for Vanderbilt PhD (w/Theology and Practice fellowship and Honors fellowship) as well as for the Duke ThD (still waiting on PTS). Anyone with a similar decision or thoughts on the relative merits of the programs? My intent is to teach at a seminary/divinity school, but I'd like to keep the door open to work at a SLAC. Are there any notable downsides to either program? Is this a coin toss?
  3. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Yep, I gathered that from the post. Just isn't a straight shot to 15 December if you're applying to Duke PhD.
  4. PhD Applications Fall '18 Season

    Unless you're applying to Duke (PhD). Deadline is December 7.