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  1. Thanks for your info! Best luck with remaining programs too.
  2. Hi. I'm quite surprised you have already heard back about so many schools! Congrats! When did you apply to Michigan and when did you hear back? I applied to the Math Education one.
  3. Hi Everyone. I have applied to EdD in Math Education program. Interestingly, many people apply to TC while I haven't seen anyone else applying to Math Education.
  4. The deadlines are the same. And based on what I have seen, they review in terms of specialization. So computational chem heard back first. Some other people applying for PhD in organic track also hear back around the same time as I did.
  5. Got in Masters in organic at NYU last week. But I think they did not review masters/PhD separately.
  6. Yeah the profile pic works. Just got in Cornell!
  7. Hi. I just got an unofficial email saying I got in organic chemistry track masters! Yeah Saturday night.
  8. Same here I'm applying to organic master. No responses yet.
  9. I got unofficial admission from Tufts yesterday! They also offered 45% tuition waiver (~$22k) which did not include TA responsibility (free money I guess :D). Yeah first acceptance!
  10. Congrats again! May I ask what's ur undergrad school?
  11. Congrats! Which school is it?
  12. Yeah thanks for your words. I believe I will not go into a chem PhD after but maybe a math one. I hope knowing that I'm not using the master to get in their PhD later will put them on ease. Best luck for you too.
  13. Hi! I actually explained in my post that I did not like research so I wanna get a coursework master to teach chemistry at community colleges maybe. And you are right, not many schools offer master in chemistry let alone coursework degrees. I tried really hard finding these, like reading over 30 pages on Google lol. I feel like I'm an unconventional applicant here since everyone else is going for a PhD. I think my GPA is still OK just because I did not complete many upper division courses before I changed my major. That could be one major problem but I will catch up soon, finishing up pche
  14. Undergrad Institution: One of the UCs (Not UCB/UCLA)Major(s): Mathematics (I changed from chemistry to math as I did not like labs, now I apply for coursework Masters to prepare myself for a teaching career :D) Minor(s): Chemistry GPA in Major: 3.867 (Mathematics), 3.675 (Not official major GPA, I calculated this myself from my upper division chem classes) Overall GPA: ~3.67Position in Class: N/A (as I'm not a chemistry major anymore) Type of Student: International Student, Asian/Chinese, MaleGRE Scores (revised): I think GRE might be my only strength Q: 170 (97%)V: 160 (86%)W: 4.5 (82%)SUB:
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