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  1. I've been obsessively checking MyFile all week, since the word was they'd be sending out their decisions this week or the next. Still nothing on my end too
  2. A past coworker of mine got into the King's/Western program (1 year) sometime two weeks ago, likely around the time you got waitlisted. Don't know much more than that I'm afraid.
  3. @magfish made a really helpful summary (page 3) of the dates people heard back from all universities last year. For Laurier's 1-year, looks like February was when people heard either waitlists or rejections, and for the 2-year it was the first few days of April. So still a bit of waiting to go on that one!
  4. I thought it was closer to 80 for the advanced standing? I forgot where I read that, but I know it was more for advanced and 20-30 for regular (with over 300 applicants for regular stream too).
  5. I have! Those are my top choices. I actually just got accepted to the public policy program at YorkU two days ago (my backup choice), but I need to accept by the last day of February. I'm unsure whether accepting it will interfere with the MSW program's decision or not...
  6. @foxstock Thank you, I'm now all submitted. Feels so good to be done with this! @Aspiringmsw2320 when I was at the Uoft information session someone asked a similar question, and they said it depends on what aspect of your application you need beefing. If you think you need to emphasize your diversity of organizations since you haven't worked in many altogether, that's the better way to go. If you aren't concerned with that, and truly believe two from the same organization can speak to different aspects of your character and experience, then that's probably the better route. Hope that help
  7. Anyone applying for Laurier's 2 year? The deadline is on Monday, and I feel so drained after all these applications, but the end is in sight!
  8. @magfishWOW I'm glad you mentioned that extra two week period for York, you just cured all my anxiety about it (my reference submitted late my accident). Also, thanks so much for making that masterlist! That must have been a little therapeutic if anything haha What's the word on the timeframe for accepting an offer? Say you get into a program like UBC in March, but you want Laurier, which sends out acceptances typically in April. I've heard "two weeks" as the timeframe floating around, but I wonder if this is the same for all institutions.
  9. I was extremely specific, but it didn't feel like a strong statement because of it. The "social worker will do X and Y to contribute to Z" structure felt very weak. I'm not sure how closely they want us to follow the questions.
  10. One of my references submitted this morning instead of last night does it hurt my chances if a referee submits after the deadline?
  11. @SWYorkie Thanks for your help! After writing 2500 words for the UofT personal statement, condensing all of it into 500 words is proving to be very tricky. There are also some technical issues on MyFile right now, so I'm not able to even see the supplementary information form right now, which is making me anxious. Here's to hoping it gets resolved overnight!
  12. Phew! Deadline for the UofT MSW program is now done, that's one application off our radars. @SWYorkie thanks for being here to answer questions about York! It's my top choice, which doesn't mean much considering it's also seemingly the hardest to get into. Is there anything you would suggest specifically NOT doing? What you think would be a red flag for the committee reading the application?
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