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  1. Thanks! I saw you are going to Duke which is amazing as well . Congrats!!!
  2. So, the wait is finally over! Columbia - MSc. in Data Science - Waitlisted (No funding) NYU - MSc. in Data Science - Waitlisted USC - Applied Data Science - Admitted (with 13k/year scholarship! Woohooo ) NYU Tandon - Computer Science - Rejected and offered MSc. in Computer Engineering (Meh!) Will probably accept USC if nothing great comes from NYU by late April!
  3. I was told by e-mail they would be making a decision by Monday 9th . Still waiting...
  4. This appeared on the forum today cited as a reply from Columbia: "Please note that decisions are expected to go out starting the end of March. While some decisions have been released, we expect the bulk of decisions to be rendered by April 6th." So maybe next week we'll get our decisions guys!
  5. Yes! Columbia posts seemed like a first wave. Too few compared to past years... I'd bet more admits/rejects are coming soon! I also got another admit at USC Applied Data Science . Finally things are becoming clear here ?
  6. I have been wait listed at NYU Data Science. One of my dream programs! My other deadlines are in May 1st. Hope an admission comes before that date! I think Columbia is coming next week. Fingers cross there too
  7. Hahaha I am so anxious that I want to immolate myself by calling Columbia's Graduate Admissions and ask for the results! However, I have the feeling that if I do this my Application will burn and disappear from their system automatically
  8. I'm on the same boat! Yeah... seems like Columbia is a bit late this year. Last was 9th and the year before around 11th-14th. The wait is killing me! Plus, I got a Reject yesterday from USC Data Informatics but they will consider me for their new Msc. Applied Data Science which is almost the same program. Hope that one is a green for me!
  9. Hi, great to find prospective DS students! I've applied to several Data Programs as well Columbia - Data Science [Waiting] NYU GSAS - Data Science [Waiting] USC - Data Informatics [Waiting] NYU Tandon - Computer Science (Data Oriented) [Rejected and Declined offer to transfer App to Computer Engineering] Fordham - Data Analytics [Waiting] Undergraduate: Well known I
  10. Hey, this is great. Thanks!!! Here I found the word "WaitList" follows a similar pattern but with a certain delay.
  11. Hello good man! Can you please enlighten me with the link to this stats? Reward = This >>> Cookie <<<
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