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  1. Haha thanks, but I'd gladly trade for one of your many impressive interviews!
  2. That was me. I got an email acceptance with a formal offer letter and all but there was no mention of a recruitment or visit weekend
  3. i think many programs do this because they'll admit without interview if you end up getting the nsf or ndseg or other fellowship. i prefer to just hear but i also am hopeful about my fellowship applications so it kind of sucks being counted out even if i get them
  4. @Dycka Deshycka actually just a few minutes ago I received an email saying that they are sending interviews throughout this week, and if one is not offered you can switch your app to the masters program. So it looks like there is still an opportunity!
  5. @thaibear you’re accepted don’t worry about it! It’s just a technicality that the dean has to approve all acceptances.
  6. It seems like a few people got interviews at Berkeley/UCSF from the results survey. Are they done sending invites?
  7. Interview Prep

    I would suggest not trying to fit every research experience you've ever had into that time. Instead, focus on the one that is most meaningful to you, that fits best with what you want to study in grad school, that you're most comfortable about, most impressive, has the most complete or compelling data, etc.
  8. Whoops. I'm not sure how to change the permissions on that file, so here's a Google Drive link with the same pdf:
  9. I used the R code from the Psychology forum and changed the search term to "bioengineering" to produce the attached result based on scraped data from the gradcafe survey. Should be helpful in determining when to expect interview invites! Note: this only searches bioengineering and not biomedical engineering. The lack of quality/uniformity in the data (all the different ways of typing in a school's name, for example, make them each individual entries) is something to keep in mind. Grad Cafe Decisions BioE.pdf
  10. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    It looks like a lot of Columbia decisions today. Anyone hearing good news or is it all rejections?
  11. 2018 Applicant Profiles and Admissions Results

    I didn't realize the supplemental thing was there either and I didn't get an email either way. I just did it now, but I'm not sure what's going to happen. I kind of want a refund if it allowed me to pay the application price without a "complete application". Has anyone heard what happened to other people who didn't fill it out? I basically answered No to all of the questions anyway so it's not like it made any difference.
  12. Tampa, FL

    I'm from Tampa and I enjoy it. It doesn't have all the things you might have in like SF, NYC, DC, etc, but there is plenty to do. The weather is great as well. I agree, there are places you don't want to go for safety reasons, but there isn't any reason to go those places either.
  13. Is it too late to contact a POI?

    I sent emails after applying. I gave a quick highlight of my background, my interest in the field, that I applied to their program and that I wanted to express my interest in their work. Then I gave 2-3 sentences on how my research interests aligned with theirs and attached my CV. They basically all replied to me and some set up phone interviews. I would say it's worth doing if you haven't contacted anyone yet.
  14. Chances of Acceptance After Being Interviewed

    Thanks for that helpful reply @StemCellFan! What is the expected or appropriate attire for theee kind of interviews? Any tips on that end? Especially helpful if you can answer for a guy but I’m sure women reading this would like to know as well.