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  1. I got waitlisted too, but my stats are 3.4 GPA, 151 Q, 157 V, 5.0A, 2 years at a nonprofit, fair amount of international exp. and Arabic fluency. No one has posted much information about their experience though, enough to tell if what happened to you is selection bias or not.
  2. Hi, I was also accepted this past weekend to the Evans MPA for fall! To answer your questions: I haven't heard back from anywhere else yet, but applied to UW's Jackson School MAIS, Georgetown MSFS/MPP program, George Washington MAIA, and Columbia's SIPA MAIA. I went to UW for undergrad, and the in-state tuition is appealing, but unless I also get into the Jackson school, Washington DC is too good of an opportunity to pass up for my career goals. For any others, I've been in Seattle for 6 years and went to UW for undergrad, so I can answer any questions you have too!
  3. I recently submitted my app to GWU (like two weeks ago) and they require you to submit unofficial transcripts from any transfer and study abroad credits. Unfortunately, where I studied abroad wouldn't let you download an unofficial transcript and I had to request for an official one to be delivered by international courier. I'm worried that it will make it way after the deadline (deadline is Jan 7 for funding, and transcripts are coming from Egypt). Will this be an issue at all or will it'll be acceptable? Of course the office says theyre swamped so won't answer calls or emails.
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