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  1. I was invited to interview for a PhD Counseling program and just received the agenda for the two day interview. On that agenda is a time slot that says "timed writing response". I have never heard of such a thing at an interview! Has anyone ever had to do a writing prompt for their interview and if so, any insight on what the topic may be so I can practice/brainstorm? I appreciate it!
  2. oh I needed to read that I'm not the only one going through this. I applied to 6 programs, all PhD in clinical psychology, been rejected from 2 and heard nothing from the other 4 except 1 saying "you're on a waitlist to be interviewed" aka "you're not good enough for the first cut but hey- we are a new program and we need warm bodies so you'll suffice if need be"... I'm an older student, a mother, and my husband has established himself so I'm chasing my dreams (finally) but it is taking every last ounce of sanity for me not to flee the winters up north and go settle closer to a beach and just give up on dreams... It gets me at night, I'll lay awake feeling sick to my stomach for not applying to a few masters programs just to have an additional safety net but everything happens for a reason. WE LIVE ONCE, DON'T RUSH LIFE AND ENJOY EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, EVERY EXPERIENCE, EVERY LOSS and LEARN/GROW FROM IT! We got this, best of luck in coping to all and on you're new journeys!
  3. I love that I found this topic! I got married and started a family in my early 20s after chasing the wrong degree and work environment I decided to stay home and raise my kiddos until they were in school. I finally returned to finish my bachelors in a different field (the one I know I want to make a career out of) and knew that it would require that I obtain a PhD to gain the full autonomy I'm seeking in my research- so here I am... I never thought this process would be so emotionally taxing! I didn't/don't expect to get accepted this first attempt because of so many factors (returned to school and graduated within 3 semesters... first go at school I had a 3.0 but when I returned I carried 4.0 every semester, gre scores were acceptable but not "great", I was honest in my personal statements that I am a married, mother of 2...) I wish everyone luck and the only thing getting me through this without feeling down on myself for being "old" is that we are never to old to chase a new dream, or finish a dream we may have started before but never had the opportunity to finish. applied to 6 clinical psychology PhD programs, rejected by 1, not heard anything from remaining 5 :-(
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