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  1. rossonera_cml

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    I'm SPA. Just got offered admission to the MA and still under consideration for the PhD.
  2. rossonera_cml

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Were you waitlisted? I was told that I'm still under consideration after the first round of acceptances were sent out.
  3. rossonera_cml

    2017-2018 Application Cycle

    Just got an email from American University which stated that offers were made last week but I'm still under consideration if people turn it down. Also I'll be given priority for merit awards if I concurrently put my application forward for considering into a Master's program.
  4. I have an application due is less than five hours and one of my letters of recommendation is still 'in progress'. It has been in progress for almost two days now. I am freaking out.

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