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  1. I will pretend the Cornell admits are troll until someone claims it to make myself more comfortable during lunch time.
  2. I have only heard back from 3 out of the 10 schools I applied to (no acceptance yet). This is driving me crazy, by "this" I mean there seems to still have hope but my nerve can't handle the wait any longer.
  3. Waitlisted at UVA, CP subfield. Can someone share some insights on the chances of being accepted off waitlist at UVA?
  4. Does anyone know when George Washington University will come out with their results? Judging from the post from past years it should be this week.
  5. Anyone heard from Georgetown? Seriously why is it taking them so long.
  6. I saw someone from previous years said that the second-year option only admit 2-3 people every year...Do you know if this is still true?
  7. Thanks! Guess I will be contacting them for transferring my application to MA now...
  8. Do you mind sharing which school of American U you applied to? SIS or SPA?
  9. Can anyone recommend some MA programs that still accept applicants? IR subfield. I'm waiting on the possibility of U Chicago MAPSS/CIR as well.
  10. Thank you for the insight. I would definitely only do it when I’m offered a good scholarship. Otherwise, 60k for 9 month plus the living expenses in Chicago, which has the highest sales tax in the country btw, is too much.
  11. Yes I agree. I just assumed they have sent out all the acceptances already?
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