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  1. I'm in with 25k a year! More than I expected but it would still require a lot of debt, so I'm not sure what I'll do.
  2. Yep, can confirm regular decisions are up on the portal as well along with the scholarship information!
  3. Officially struck out this year so I'm done here for now, but congrats to everyone who got in this cycle! For those who did not, solidarity :).
  4. Just checked my portal for UNC and my rejection letter was there, FYI to all.
  5. Thanks for the info! I've been very anxious about this one.
  6. Are there any other Columbia applicants who haven’t heard back yet? I checked my portal and it looks like there’s a new application for the MA program along with my original PhD application which is still in submitted status. Assuming this means I’ve been deferred to the MA pool, but wondering if anyone else is in the same boat!
  7. I'm sorry to hear that. May I ask how you got the notification? I'm still waiting to hear back.
  8. Me! I'm waiting for a decision in the regular admissions pool. I personally have heard nothing but great things about the program from alumni. I'll have to see about scholarship aid if I'm admitted (still drowning in undergrad debt so not sure if a master's is possible for me financially) but I'm excited to hear back!
  9. Has anyone heard from the partnership program at Columbia (dual PhD with Sciences Po)? I’m wondering if the notification timelines are different from the general PhD - my portal doesn’t show a rejection yet and I haven’t received any email communication.
  10. Anyone claiming the UPenn admit that just popped up?
  11. Cornell rejection letters are out via email, as an FYI.
  12. Sort of off topic for today, but did anyone else apply for the dual PhD between Columbia and Sciences Po? Not sure if the decision/notification process is different for the partnership program.
  13. Don't apologize, congrats! That's amazing.
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