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  1. I haven't received any communication from Columbia. It seems they send out rejections a couple days after they send acceptance letters. Going to assume my application's been rejected!
  2. Hey, I too got accepted to MDEV but without any funding. Don't think I'll be going for it though.
  3. Hii guys! Im curious to know if anyone has messaged the institute to find details about when to expect admission results. It should be out anytime now, right?
  4. Yes! Has your application status changed to 'Application Received'?
  5. Hii! So at IHEID, I've gotten admission in international history and haven't secured any funding yet. However, it would still cost me half as much as the Oxford course and from what i've gathered, the course is not really a deterrent, when looking for development policy internships. What i am confused about is whether the Ofxord brand name and course are going to work better when looking for a job or the internship and professional exposure that Geneva gives.
  6. I've just been accepted at Oxford for an Mphil in Development Studies and I'm confused between confirming my IHEID offer or Oxford. Anyone else going through something similar? i could use some advice
  7. I have been accepted to the Mphil in development Studies at Oxford and to International History at IHEID Geneva. While i prefer the course at Oxford, I also like the internship/networking opportunities at Geneva. I am curious as to which would be a better fit if i want to work in development policy. Any advice would be much appreciated! Specially by someone who's studied at either of these schools. Thanks!
  8. It means you've been admitted to international history. I'd applied for ANSO but i've been given admission to international history too. Not sure if i'd take it!
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